Hydrogen peroxide

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  1. hey everyone, i just read an article and it said i should be using hydrogen peroxide to fight algea and other bacteria in my bubble buckets. anyone else ever hear of this?
  2. just for fighting bacteria?

    im getting ready to go hydro: im currently beginning flowering of my first trial run ever, using 8" Thouroughly aereated/draining pots set in my nutebasket tray of my hydro system, the excess drips out the bottom, then flows downstream to the exit hole in my resivior.

    this way, i can use higher concentrations of nutes, whilst growing soil plants, and dont have to transplant from my smaller pots for the root growth, cuz they hang down in the darkness and are continuously moist, due to my watering technique.

    i have not had one plant lost due to: mold/rot/fungus/bugs/low nute uptake/ etc.

    I found THREE Hermaphradites, NO Males, and accidentally killed two females, thinking they would be males-- their pistles showed up in the cure box the day after i pulled them!


    also, im experimenting right now, so... yeah.

    i did put fresh soil pots UNDER my original pots, as roots are hanging out and thought I'd test the idea.

    peace love and chicken grease.

    oh, smoked some locally made sensi yesterday- not to dense, but powerful anyway, superior curing too, it was as smooth as a Virginia Slim lIght ciggarrette(almost)

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