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hydrogen peroxide quiso?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by dabiHASHery, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. i heard you could make hash oil with hydrogen peroxide. does the same apply when using the quiso method? i was thinking you could just use the quiso hash method but then would i end up with some sort of wax?


  2. yeah! i do this all the time it makes the dankest shit in the world.
  3. Uhhh well it wouldn't be qwiso if it was hydrogen peroxide, Im pretty sure that wont work, Alcohol is a solvent. qwiso= Quck wash isopropyl hash
  4. I don't think so, i've never ever heard of making hash with hydrogen peroxide. Just go out and buy iso alcohol man.

  5. cool. just did it with a small amount just to try. ill fill everyone in!
  6. I'm thinkin hes being sarcastic man. I searched hydrogen peroxide hash and didnt find anything, i think you may of just wasted some weed based on one guys sarcastic remark.

    Who knows maybe i'm wrong.
  7. true. i get that. what i have now looks like the first wash of qwiso. how do you recommend i dry it?

  8. I would dry it just like qwiso, fan over it and a heating pad or something under it if you would like. But i would honestly wait to smoke anything until you get some solid answers from experienced hash makers, because i honestly don't know if its safe to make hash with hydrogen peroxide, like i said i tried searching and didn't come up with anything but i also don't know to much about hash making other than how to make qwiso.
  9. It's not an ideal solvent for making hash oil. It's highly oxidative and a lot of the good stuff can be destroyed using it.
  10. what i used was 97% water 3% hydrogen peroxide it turned out syrupy yet quite potent. :hello:
  11. Chemically impossible.
  12. i used about a half fluid ounce, got a wet green syrupy mixture, poured it on a decent sized nugg and let it dry. what did i just smoke? cuz in all honestly it did get me retardskies. but please explain! ive smoked using this method before, although this was my first time actually making it
  13. 3% H2O2 is 97% water, and THC is not soluble in water very much at all. Any effects you get with something made with that would almost certainly be only placebo.
  14. OSG's right, chemically it won't benefit you to use H2O2. You basically just did a quick water wash. You will get trichs that were removed from the agitation, but you aren't getting as many as if you used a solvent like Isopropyl, or an ice+water+bag extract.

    I'm not sure what the effects of the actual H2O2 on the THC are, but I know you're not increasing potency with it. If anything, the oxidization reaction is destroying what might be viable THC.

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