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  1. I've been active fighting fracking for about a year now. We live in WV, and our beautiful state is being over-run by Gas Corporations, like PA. Not only are people's water supplies becoming contaminated, but water sources are being DEPLETED to unbelievably low levels. Each gas well that is hydrofracked takes between 4 to 6 MILLION gallons of fresh water, water which eitiher stays in the ground never to be usable again, or comes to the surface so contaminated with chemicals and radioactive materials, that it is toxic and can never be used again.

    So....these companies, in New York, for instance, have over 77,000 wells planned. Do the math. Each of those 77,000 wells will remove from the water table between 4 to 6 million gallons of fresh water, never to be seen or usable again. And that's one state...they are pushing this big time in the Marcellus Shale region...which includes NY, PA, WV, OH, MD, NJ, and NC.

    Watch "Gasland" and do a search on YouTube for Fracking contamination, it will blow you away that our government is allowing this...all over CAnada too, starting up in U.K., Ireland, many European nations, Australia...unbelievable.:mad:
  2. Yeah I've seen this documentary.... i dont like this idea of energy

    and the way that it seems to be done right now seems awfully crude, I don't see how there can be any real "safe" method to this
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    Gasland is biased anddoesn't really succeed in presenting a fully accurate account of the circumstance—certainly not the best way to inform oneself. Go read some research from both sides and develop your own opinion. And Before you flip shit and tell me that I need to "open my eyes" or "wake up" or whatever, I have several close relatives/associates who have a great deal of experience in the energy policy.

    There are safer/less destructive methods but they're significantly more expensive.
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    Hydrofracking is safe when it is performed properly. There are several examples of companies that perform hydraulic fracking that haven't negatively affected the surrounding environment.

    It is a lot more profitable for larger companies to simply pay the EPA (and other government regulators) off and cut corners, which will almost certainly have a negative effect on the surrounding environment.

    It's no surprise the government allows this as they are one of the largest polluters on the planet.

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