hydrofarm1000w ballast exploded

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  1. Has this happened to anyone before?
    I was watching tv I heard a loud pop from the grow room. I got in there and the damn thing is smoking my bulb looks okay. I'm in a house with 800 amp service so I wasnt over drawing power...
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    man, you was lucky that you was home when this happened. today my power has been shutting off and turning right back on, my ballast don't like that to much so I just turned it off and but some cfl s on them for the day.
    Do you have mag or a digital ballast. you might be able to get it fixed with a new starter or something else in them. the mags also have a big core that could of went
  3. Its a mag luckily it tripped the breaker or I'm sure there would have been fire. I don't think its rebuildable the inside is charred and smoked lol. Anyone know about apollo ballast?
  4. Ive got 2x 1000watt and 1x 600watt digital. Get good bulbs cause Apollo bulbs suck! However never had a problem with the ballasts
  5. Ever have any rf interface problems. that's making me lean back to a mag again
    my apollo had rf bad so had to switch back...doesnt matter if you're in the country not by anyone
  7. I have nosey neighbors if am stations went out for 12 hrs everyday I'm sure it would be noticed. Is there a guaranteed way to shield it
    not sure i tried ferrite core clips and they didnt work..i live by an airport so def didnt wanna fuck with radio signals

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