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  1. whats up folks, just got home with a new hydrofarm T5 4 foot 4 lamp HO floro. 20,000 lumens. I have been growing with CFLs with great luck...which will acompany the t5 now. But it was time to start clonging off my mother and get some babies going so i had to step the lighting up. Posting mostly because im excited but if anyone had any luck with this light in the past? I was lookin for some feedback from anyone thats used them, thanks

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  2. thats supposed to put out 20,00 lumens? how much did you pay
  3. 179.99 came withe 4 6500 K......had to buy 2 3000 K
  4. Each 4 foot T-5 HO Bulb is suppose to put of 5K Lumens and the wattage per bulb is around 54.

    One of the main advantages to the T-5 is the light and Lumens is better distributed across the 4 feet :bongin:

  5. I`m looking into one of those T5 set ups for Veg growth. I was talking to an older gentlemen in the hydro store I goto and he said a friend gave him a T5 4ft 8 bulb set up to try and he said for Veg growth he loves it and uses a HPS for flowering. At Good Nature they have one just like yours on sale for the same price but its an 8 bulb on with the lights, gonna go check and see if there still on sale Monday.

  6. Go check this guys grow with T5's;


  7. If you want for full veg step up to 8 bulb Hydrofarm, you can find em for around 200 with bulbs, all the 6500K veg bulbs. Its just over 400 watts, like 436
  8. I am running the Sun Blaze 4 ft 8 lamp for the full cycle and plan to switch to the 3000k lamps for flowering and so far I am loving it!
  9. I waant an 8 bulb bad problem is space, I might be able to fit a 6 bulb but depth is an issue, I'm growing in a closet. Looovin the 4 bulb regardless

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