Hydrofarm Coco Coir?

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  1. Does anyone use this brand of Coco? If so how much should I rinse it?

    My plan is to use a 50% Coco/ 25% Perlite/ 25% EWC. I will be feeding it Dyna-Gro during veg and Tiger Bloom during flowering.
  2. the coir? yea it should be fine... rinse till you just cant take it no more...thats how i gauge its good...i rinsed mine for a good 10 minutes...probably overkill but after going down in flames too many times i decided to do it right...just last night i rinsed new coir because i thought even hydro store coir would have no salt...i was wrong....i rinsed, reduced my nutes and 24 hrs later i see results...that quick
  3. Thanks for the response. My second question is: Since my tap water ph is 7.8 should I, after I rinse, flush the coir with a gallon 5.8 ph'd water? Will this reduce problems with out of whack ph in the medium? Or will it not make a difference because I will be adding Dolomite lime to the mix?

    In all honesty Naughty you are the reason I ask this question in the first place. I have been following the MC thread for a while. Thanks again. :wave: +rep
  4. No prob man glad I could help that little bit...I didn't flush with any ph d water...I didn't think it matter...since the lime is in...I am just watering with ph d water...so far since the rinse, no evidence of salt build up and growth has resumed
  5. I think I've screwed enough seedlings up that the law of average dictates I will finally get it right lol. I am thinking that things now are pretty identical to the Eds...so I'm just chillaxin now...I think things will go just fine
  6. Unfortunetely I don't have the financial luxury of messing these up so I need to get it right. This will be my second grow and I have used Vermiculite/Perlite/EWC in my last grow and that is turning out great. I figure Coco should be a whole bunch easier or so I hope. :D
  7. HI Guys,
    This may be the wrong place for this question but I am a total new grower and am
    having a few problems I am using just canna coco and canna nutes but I messed up the light
    timing and think I left them under 18/6 too long as they have been on 12/12 for about a week and a half and grown another 2 feet and are now crowding the top of my tent so they are now approx 6 feet tall but very spindly. I have noticed a drop in water running through my pots over the last 3 days and tried gently putting my finger into the medium to see just how moist it was and could hardly get it in due to massive root ball have you any idea how I can re-pot 6 feet tall plants or as I have bud growth should I just pray they will hold out till harvest as I dont want to kill them off with shock? Any advice or information is very welcome particularly if anyone knows how to stop the darn things growing taller lol

    many thanks,
    Paul K.

    Remember when driving try to keep the car shiny side up!:confused:
  8. If I were you I would post this in a new thread. I am just starting to use coco and I don't want you to be steered in the wrong direction. Good luck.:smoke:

  9. wow 6 feet? not really sure how to help you out on that one....pruning in flowering will do you no good at the moment...my suggestion is to go by a certain amount of weeks that you are dedicating for vegn...like 5-6 and then go into flowering...some people go into flowering at 4 weeks...I like to go in at 5-6....
  10. We have not used that specific brand but in today's market it is not really needed to flush your coco as it might have been years ago. If you are trying to use pet store grade coco then absolutely a good rinse over and over again is a good thing. I would imagine Hydrofarm you do not need to rinse though.

    For a rinse though...ph to 5.8, what you put in is where you will be so going 7.8 to begin with will result in a high ph base coco.

    Tazman....coco is very forgiving so you may be good to let her go through flowering how she is but a better choice would probably be to replant. With all the root mass it will require much more frequent waterings so could cause some stress later on for you to deal with.

  11. I rinsed anyway but I did not run a 5.8 ph through it so I hope I didn't screw myself. I have been watering with 5.8 since so I hope it all works out in the end. So far my Bubblicious looks nice and healthy. Thanks:smoke:

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