Hydrocodones, Cough sryup, Sprite...?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Diceman, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. So i have some hydrocodones 7.5/650, an almost full bottle of walgreens daytime cough with Dextromethorphan Hbr 15mg and then i noticed a 16oz bottle of sprite on my desk...Whats the best way to use these ingredients?

    I tried lookin up how to make lean but everything i found was using cough syrup that already had codeine. I dont wanna get the amounts of each thing wrong and end up wasting my pills

    Fixen to pop 2 right now and prolly just drink some of the syrup

    ""Ima pill poppin animal SYRUP SYRUP sipppin *****""
  2. To be honest I really dont think that would work to mix them together. Your better off taking the pills and drinking the sprite. Screw the cough syrup if it doesnt have codeine.
  3. Eat the pills like normal (bite into them or something if you want them to hit you faster). I'm assuming that in the syrup DXM is not the only active ingredient which means don't ever drink that for recreational purposes, just wait until you are sick or something.
  4. Just drink the sprite... shit fucks you up.
  5. Damn thats what i figured....well dxm by itself isnt bad so i went ahead and drank some lol couldnt hurt

    So I need to get a bad cough and get prescribed cough syrup with codeine in order to make my own lean?
  6. well if you didnt know, cough syrup contains alcohol. Its a good rule not to drink alcohol with either opiates or DXM (i'm sure you knew that tho). Which is why drinking cough syrup is ok with low DXM tollerance, but, enjoying both oxy and DXM trips seperately is what i would do. + it lasts them longer too :hello:

    Also cheack out what other medical ingrediants are in your daytime syrup(because i never take any syrup that has ANYTHING more then guistefin (Sp?) and DXM

    And.. onto the sprite, i'd make it a chaser to the syrup.

    P.S. if you want to make drank, then dont crush up pills to make it

  7. lmao nice

    Nah i dont drink or pop shit without reading about it first

    I left the bottle with other stuff in it inside the bathroom clost. The one i grabbed only has the dxm as the active ingredient

    Im not un-educated with drugs lol (if thats even a good thing) just never made lean. Only bought it 4 times

    Sad I dont know about lean while livin in the screwed up state

  8. Yea i know drinking while takin pills is bad (though that hasnt stopped me before) but no i didnt know cough syrup had alcohol in it. well its already in me so I cant take it back now but ill finish the rest of the syrup by itself another day. Oh the sprite washed the cough syrup down nicely :D
  9. Lean can't me made... at least by a normal person. It comes in prescription... cough syrup with codein. IMO it tastes amazing and you don't even need a chaser.

  10. Shit I always thought lean was basically

    Sprite, cough syrup and codeine..all added seperatly
  11. The cough syrup you mention is promethazine/codeine prescription strength syrup.

  12. You don't think that jolly ranchers are a basic ingrediant :confused:

    To be fair .. I guess they arnt essential to the high
  13. I forgot about the jolly rancher lol its like the olive in a martini. Not needed...but kinda needed at the same time
  14. you obviously have no clue bout drinkin the lean, first of all the shit you have will not fuck you up, and is not even close to the lean
  15. I usually chew the pills even though they taste liek shit. I thought it hits faster but my friend says differently...

  16. haha sprite, dont over do it mayn, iv seen some bad things happen to people on sprite. also its very addictive
  17. umm, there is no dxm in any sort of "lean"

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