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  1. generic for vicodin is all i know. i have 20 5mg/500mg pills. recommended dose?
  2. 1.5 and a shot of whiskey to have the good dreamin. thats best for right before a bedtime bowl. otherwise no alcohol and just take two-three if you want to start feeling wonderful numbness. take it from there. dont do more then 7 i would say...vic and h-codone got some bad fillers in them that aint good to be overdosing on. have fun
  3. id crush up 4 and parashoot that shit should have good time =D specially smoke a bowl ro 2 .. chill to some tunes enjoy man!
  4. I reccomenrd 3-4 for your first time
  5. Oh God, this reminds me of when I got acute bronchitis last year. UGH! Only good part about it was I got some hydrocodone, lol.

    Anyway, here was my story with it. Got some good information on what hydrocodone is and how it works:

    Quoted from here: http://forum.grasscity.com/showthread.php?t=63819&highlight=hydrocodone

    Edit: As far as doasge, I weigh 165 pounds with very low body fat. I took 2 to 3 at a time with some bongs and bowls. Good times. :smoke: But if you've never had any, best to start with one and move on to another later, etc. To get a feel for how they react to your body.
  6. awesome, thanks for the quick responses. i stumbled upon a bottle and i think it's going to make my weekend much better.

    boredjim - is parashoot blow?
  7. 2-3 pills and a couple bowls about 45 mins after you ingest them. That will get you feeling content :p
  8. nah dude parachuting is crushing up pills and swallowing them in a "baggie" of cheese or peanut butter so the lining of the pill is rendered ineffective and you get all of the effects of the drug at once.

  9. Parachuting is crushing up the pill and putting it in a napkin, just tear a small piece. Then swallow like a pill.

  10. parashooting is when you grind the pill to a fine powder then get a small square of toilet paper and put all the powder in it. Then wrap the toilet paper so none leak out, lean your head back, place athe napkin in the very back of ur throat, and start chuggin water. Not only does it make it more intense but it kicks in a hell of a lot quicker too.

  11. No, you do not swallow a baggie with cheese or peanut butter. are you on crack?
  12. sorry man i guess thats how we do it around here. im not a big fan of swallowing paper so we stick the powedered pill in cheese or something. the "baggie" was a metaphor. and no, i am not on crack...i quit cocaine for good. :)
  13. Haha thats pretty interesting, never heard of putting it in cheese. But wouldnt you have to chew the cheese? That would taste not so good I think
  14. just stick the cheese slice in the nuker for about 5 seconds, so you can fold it and stick the corners together over the powder, i just swallow it like a horse pill....no chewing.

  15. he didnt say baggie with, he said OF.

    made of. as in, put the drugs IN the food, then swallow.

    like giving a pill to a dog.

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