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  1. I never really pop pills, but I've came across two 5mg pills of hydrocodone. Is this enough to feel anything without any tolerance at all? Good amount, or should I go 5 mg or higher than 10mg?

  2. I don't think you'll feel too much.
  3. You might feel something with 2, but you should probably be taking 3-4.
  4. Doubt you'll feel anything at all.
    I actually tried just taking 2 a couple months ago, and i didnt have any tolerance at all either. I felt absolutely nothing.

    You'd be better off saving it until you have a really bad headache or something.
  5. Hydrocodone fives...many I'd have to eat like five of those to get a good buzz, but I think you should eat like three if you have no tolerance...then smoke some bud...you'll feel awesome.
  6. snort em and smoke a bowl
  7. Snort hydrocodones....dont do it man it will burn the fuck out of ur nose. especially five they have more asprine than actual opiates substance is...snorting hydrocodones in general to me aint worth it...I will snort a oxy every once in awhile though.

  8. haha the burn isnt that bad, snort 2 or 3, drink a beer, smoke, its all good.
    plus if there watsons i dont think they have any asprin.
  9. Its apap, and snorting them is a waste.

    Its 5mg of hydro and 500mgs of apap which will burn the FUCK out of your nose.

    Oxy's are fine, shit I just got half a oxy 30 from my boy. Gonna blow that tomorrow. But they have no apap in them.

    Only thing else up your nose should be some high quality cocaine.:D:smoking:
  10. I say do it. If you have no prior tolerance and taking them on an empty stomache you will feel really relaxed. May not get any euphoria but will feel really nice.
  11. Break them in half and take them together. Also take like 25/50mg of benedryl. Might feel some good stuff but it won't be amazing.
  12. I eat 5mg hydrocodone like candy when I can.
  13. Take them, but don't count on feeling much.

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