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  1. i just took 3 10/650 mg ( chewed 2 snorted 1)..should i be feeling something soon? or do i need to take more? thanks...;)
  2. Yea... your definitely feeling that by now, so I think you answered you own question.

    I would have said, just wait until you feel some real effects, because you took enough to feel it, thats for sure... and judge for yourself if you want more.
  3. Why the hell did you snort one? You bassically wasted that one.
  4. wow hurray, another dumb kid snorting pills with 650mg of apap. a round of applause. :hello:

    dont ever do that again, its a waste. why do kids think this is cool, or ok????
  5. Because they're too stupid and lazy to bother doing any research, and just try to get high without knowing what the hell they're doing.

    Vicodin isn't even worth bothering with imo.
  6. well, i think im done with pills. i ended up feeling like shit and puking..weed only from now on..
  7. Lol, was it your first time? Your first time using any opiate you should take a small amount. And you should also not eat on an empty stomach.
  8. you took too much, 15mg would have been fun
  9. I kind of doubt that. I'm 130lbs, and took 20mg for the first time earlier today, and was quite unimpressed. If I do it again, I'm going for at least 30mg.

    Although this kid only really took 20mg, since the 3rd pill was pretty much wasted by snorting it.
  10. everyones tolerance is different. you also have to remember that the apap potentates the mgs of hydrocodone. some people cant take the nausea that comes with them. that is pretty low of a does to puke. are you a girl??
  11. Yea I'm pretty much done with hydrocodones. Last time I got some (10/650's) I gave my gf 2 and she ended up puking. For me though, they just make me itchy and I become agitated very easily. Shrooms and cannabis are my best buddies these days, all I need is what the earth provides me with:hello:
  12. i had a bottle of em at one point, probably about a year ago now (prescription, but didn't actually need them for it)

    anyways, i'd take 3 pills (can't remember the dosage, i wanna say 10mg a pop) but i'd break em in little pieces first, then take em. i'd get quite a body high, but my mind was still sober, so i'd be walking around the house acting perfectly normal, but was really floating >_>

    i dunno, i've never felt like i was going to puke or anything though.
  13. At one point, I was taking 12 10mg Vicodin a day.

    Such a super excellent feeling, just like, total relaxation and still mind awareness. All of the sudden my supply stopped, and I was just fine. I didn't crave it at all.

    Although one would be nice right now...
  14. I took a total of about 12 oxycontin's in a 2 -3 hour time period once... Awesome until i puked...ad couldn't stop. I don't recommend that. Watch your doses, you can really fuck up your liver and stomach. I was really into pills in high school. It took 3 years after i stopped to be able to hold down anything cream-based.....
  15. lol yo prob didnt know what you were taking. ha. ill give you some cream to swim down ur throat
  16. Yea, that's a good explanation. I was expecting more of a body high than I got though.
  17. i just tried vicodin for the first time today.. i took like 7 of them throughout like 4 hours... im itchy as fuck right now i think its because of the vicodin.. is it?
  18. You're an idiot, did you bother checking the dosage at all? If those are like 7.5mg vicodins, you may have done damage to your liver. That could be 5000apap, which is way to much at once.

    I hate when fucking idiots take drugs without knowing what the hell they're doing.

  19. ^^choke on a vicoden! And have a nice day.

    I knew exactly what the fuck i was taking. I didn't buy it off the street I got it from my ex (who had sickle cell) docs were always giving her painkiller and she never took any of them, so i did. don't listen to me, i don't really care. when you fuck all your shit up you'll understand. Child.
  20. youre calling me an idiot? fuck you man! :D im not stupid. i know how many to take!

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