hydrocodone doing nothing more me

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  1. about a month ago a friend had given me 2 watsons with a dosage of 7.5/500 hydrocodone/apap, and when i took it i felt absolutly amazing and was even nodding a bit. That was my first time with the drug. since then he hooked me up a couple other times with the same dosage i i still was feeling great except for last sunday when i noticed it didnt do much for me at all.

    Then this morning around 11 i took 3 of them, and then another 1 at 12. and as of right now at 1:05 i am not having a buzz at all and all i really feal is tiredness. My question is, is this my tollerance that is preventing me from getting high? its really wierd because iv only done it 5 times and the last was 8 days ago. i just can not figure it out.
  2. hmm,thats weird,did you eat alot before you took them,also what mgs were they,and are you on any meds?

    cause you should be feeling good off 4.
  3. Well i woke up and poured a bowl of cheerios and took the first 3 with the milk from the bowl.
    They are 7.5 mg of hydrocodone and 500 mg of apap
    Not an anyother meds

    Its wierd, i jsut feel light headed and a little loopy, where before when i took just 2 i could just lay down and think about how good i felt.
  4. hmm..that's weird I'm not sure why your not feeling it,its probably a psychological thing,just chill and relax.
  5. 10-4 just chillio and relaxio.
  6. Hey thanks for tryin to help guys.

    Im gonna go smoke a bowl regaurdless to help, but does anyone one think i could intensify this by chugging a single beer real quick?
  7. drink like 3 that will intensify it

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