hydrocodone + codeine?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by TnNORML89, May 31, 2009.

  1. I was just curious if i could combine regular codeine-guafinasin cough syrup with a few 10-325 hydro-APAP's. ANy help would be awesome, tnanks...
  2. I would assume that guaf + a large amount of apap would be enough to make you puke, Guess it depends how much your stomach can take.

    Both guaf and large doses of apap make me feel like im going to throw up any second.

  3. i have a respiratory infection so im not taking a shitload of the syrup, just the prescribed 2tsp which contains 20mgcodeine and 200mg guaf, to get rid of my cough. i will prolly be doin 3 of the percs tonight so thats only about 1000mg of APAP (far under the max daily dose of 4G) so i was thinkin the nauseua wouldnt be too bad... i had just heard in the past on a thread that it was dangerous to mix different opiates (ie.--> codeine, hydro, and oxy) so i was just curious if that was true or if i'd be A OK :confused:
  4. You are perfectly fine to mix opiates, there's really only one direction you can go from almost all opiates.. and that's opiate heaven! or well.. the 'nod', haha.
  5. Oh in that case you should be fine, codiene is fairly weak so 20mgs shouldn't interfere with 15mgs of oxy
  6. Perocets are oxycodone not hydrocodone and the pets are supposed to be twice as strong as hyros so one 10mg perc should equal 2 10mg hydros. Just watch that guaf stuff cuz in large doses it ducks up ur stomach or something I'm to fucking high to remember LOL.

  7. yea i figured it wouldnt, but luckily i have the 10mg hydros not the 5mgoxys so im bout to hop up on about 30mgs maybe 4o... i havent decided haha

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