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  1. snortable? i got three 325mg hydrocodone/apap pills, lookin to toke before to enhance it all

    should i just swallow or bump em?

    tried searchin, couldnt get a clear answer
  2. Wrong place.

    Check out Pandora's Box, dunno if I spelled it right.
  3. first of all, determine the amount of the actual opiate. that 325 has to be the amount of apap (basically asprin). there should be another number on the bottle, if you dont have the bottle, search google for what the pill is by entering the code on the pill. im guessing its no more than 5 or 7.5 mgs.

    and if u have an empty or near empty stomach, dont bother snorthing, just down em with water. it will burn if u do snort it but not too bad and not for long.
  4. don't snort it, the APAP will fuck you your nose.
  5. yeah just grind them up and parachute the fuckers
  6. I snort vic's all the time

    idk if they had apap is it just an alternate to Tylenol?
  7. tylenol is APAP.

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