Hydrocodone and tolerance,, blahh!

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    So I got my wisdom teeth out Thursday and I was prescribed generic hydros 5/500. The first thing I noticed was tolerance, that shit goes up fast! I popped 10mg today and didn't feel anything, so I popped two more. Now I feel it slightly. Even with my low tolerance and a 2 day break, it seems to have remained the same. I know 2 days isn't a lot, but I figured since I hadn't taken much it would drop a little bit.

    How long does it take for a low tolerance to diminsh? I'm getting a refill tomorrow and I don't wanna waste any. Maybe take a week off and then start with 20mg?
  2. if you plan on starting off with 20 mg, then i recommend getting 10 mg pills. the acetaminophen will do some damage to your liver if you take that amount frequently
  3. Yeah I know all about it. I don't plan on taking them frequently because I want to savor them. But yeah, that is 2000mg of APAP. Maybe a CWE will suffice?
  4. hydrocodones are a weak opiate to begin with and the 5's are the lowest dose they come..just try to stay under 4000mg, i got the 5's for my wisdom teeth too. only difference is i shoot dope everyday so my tolerance is a bit higher id say. take a week off tolerance should reset.
  5. i fucking hate my tolerance to opiates, i took 14 tramadol 50 mg today to feel high, god that's so bad, and i rarely take them, usually take like 5 1000s of norcos (another name for vicodin) but i only do em like once a month WTF
  6. Savor them but don't savor them too often. You don't wanna end up as fucked up as some of us are from that shit.

    Enter stage left, soap box

    I started with 5's also. Then it was 7.5's then 10's all the way up to roxyicodone which I think were much better than oxy's. I never knew what the big hype around oxy's because it didn't matter if you crushed it up, an 80mg pill was nowhere near as strong as around the same dosage of roxy's. Of course, I only snorted it a handful of times and the rest was just ingesting so I never went to the dark dark side but that was enough for me to become a slave
  7. Yeah man, I know where you're coming from. Once these pills are gone, I'm done with pills/opiates for awhile. I have no supplier for them either, so it'll be hard to come across. Actually this kid I know said he had gotten some bomb roxis for a dollar, but fuck that, that's a dollar I can use for weed.
  8. soooo how bad is taking alot of acetominophin?

    Cause when i get pills (like now for example) i normally wind up takin 3000mg+ of the stuff

    taken 2400 in the past 8 hours. Fixen to take another 1050. I havnt noticed any kind of pains during or after so i guess thats good atleast
  9. Just be careful bro, that's all I can say. You won't feel anything adverse instantly, but it could wind up hurting you later in life with constant use.

    My opinion would be moderation, alot of ace can ruin your shit. But everyonce in a while is greatness, pure bliss imo.
  10. yea ill be a little more watching over it

    only happens maybe 4 times a year. I dont buy em off the streets i just get em through my dentist so i dont even get too too much at a time

    Ive done the Cold Water Extract but didnt do it that great. Should probably work on getting it down so i dont gotta worry about the ace

  11. The daily limit for APAP is 4000mg a day. Which adds up really quick because they put so much of that shit in there. It's probably not that bad for you if it's only a couple times a year, though.

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