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  1. I recieved 4 Hydrocod/APAP 5/500 tabs from a close friend.

    How many should I consume for a decent high?

    Is all four two much?

    What are the highs like? (ie. how long.. feeling...sight)
  2. All 5 would be good, don't do any more then that or those APAP will fuck you up in a bad way

    Edit: Oh man, I mean 4
  3. go for all 4 at once, they aren't too strong and worst that happens is you go to sleep.
  4. i wouldnt,if you have no tolerance than,your stomach is gonna get upset from the APAP cause your not used to it.

    at least when i first started when i took around 2000mgs of APAP my stomach would get upset in till i got used to it,but i weighed 145.

    how much you way?
  5. These things are awesome!
    take all 4 bra youll love it.
  6. How was your guys experience with them... worth the the upset stomach or no?
  7. Mt stomach never gets upset. Just drop all 4
  8. Well I had to give em away last night because I desperatly needed a ride and my car is broken down. I gave em to my thizz head friend he never took em either so I told em pop 3 and if he doesn't feel nothing pop the fourth.

    But he's curious as well as me on the effects.
  9. A thizz head that has never dropped a tab?

    You realize that you just paid about 10-15 dollars for a ride?
  10. 15 dollors is a lot to pay for 4 of the 5/500mgs
  11. It's still like a $12 car ride.. you either got ripped off or ripped yourself off there.
  12. It wasnt a huge deal because I was in desperate need for a ride and it was 30 minutes away.

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