HydroChronicles: The Book of High Expression

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  1. High Folks :p

    I would like to intoduce you all to the first edition of the HydroChronicles, the book edition (There is a cartoon series that we are working on which will be explained a little later down the line. But i tell you now, it is AWESOME.)

    In this book, on its pages, are the tales, hahallucinations and other mind journeys experienced by a group of stoners in South Africa. We smoke alot :) The book was started a while back but has only really become something when I realised its potential after smoking a lil master K and thus began the HydroChronicles.

    The rules of the book will be explained as we go, an if you wish to start your own book, please, do it, you have my blessing and maybe you can mke a thread too. Please note that all pages scanned and displayed here are peoples personal opinions and are not neccesarily the views of our group as a whole; also remember we were incredibly high when writing/drawing so any offensive material or badly drawn stuff should be taken light hearted; and if you cannot, politely go :D yourself.

    I would also like to apologise because as you are aware, alot of the time writing high is illegibal, I will mot often explain pages to you, so that you are in the loop and its more un for you, but then again that also depends on how I'm feeling at the time of posting, BUT feel free to ask questions I am more than willing to explain all.
    (The pages of this book upon completion of the book will be animated and made into a flash comic - which will be awesome)


    PS: this is cooler when you're blazed ;)

    PAGE 1:


    Introduction page, this book was started at this years OppiKoppi Festival (http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm274/Kuchidzukeru/oppikoppi-fest2010.jpg) unfortunately not much was done as we were way too gone to really do anything but jm to crazy awesome music. If you're from SA you'll know what kinda insane and gone I'm talking abut OppiKoppi is by far one of the coolest places in the world.

    Get By is not the name of the song, but you all know which one we're talking about ;)

    PAGE 2:

    Page 2 has been omitted here as it is not applicable until later in the book where the symbols system has been introduced. So keep an eye out for page 2 in future posts. Until symbols system is used just use your mindto differentiate between writers.

    PAGE 3:


    Dedication to Rizla everywhere (Rolling Paper) by Me

    PAGE 4:


    OppiKoppi message from Phil (p4 & p5 were done by two of my friends from Res at the Uni I went to last year, lol yes i got kicked out and had to go somewhere else)

    PAGE 5:


    OppiKoppi message from L4zer
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    (sorry for the double post.)

    PAGE 6


    Introducing Roger McBluntin (aka Tybalt) & Earl Von Cannabis (aka Studog or Stuart)

    PAGE 7


    by Earl VC

    PAGE 8


    by Zain (un-named as of yet)

    PAGE 9


    Tribal by Mr. Van Hashinsmurf (aka Kenji)

    PAGE 10


    Understated Intoxication -EVC
    Can you really think of a suitable adjective for being incredibly high, that truely explans the way that you're feeling?

    PAGE 11


    Tybalt left whilst we continued, an thus we called him an epic fail and I drew a pretty picture of his face :D

    PAGE 12


    This was a hilarious moment, as we were istening to Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve Zain, so passioately explained to us how Nelly Furtado ruled is musical world till he heard the verve. We knew it wasnt true but was still crazy funny.

    PAGE 13


    This page is pretty messed up, I wont lie. Well not the page the experience; Imagine a world without hope, when you get cancer, people san't lie ad say you may pull through, there is no hope they'll tell you you're gna die so why waste your time. If life gets shitty for a little bit, you'll just say oh well life will always suck and I'm gna die anyway and kill yourself. There are counless examples!

    Also introducing the Symbols System (Page 2 will still be ommitted until all names are present)

    PAGE 14


    Referance to the RULES OF ENGAGEMENT - these are the 25 rules with which one should lead their lives, they are essential for stoner survival and vital for lifelone enjoyment. Created with my Res friends from my old Uni.

    The Rules of Engagement

    1. Safety.
    2. Teamwork.
    3. Be Cool Stay in School.
    4. Space Chose Me.
    5. Bro's Before Hoe's
    6. Always.
    7. Never Discard a Friend (S.S.)
    8. The Time is Always Ripe for a Pipe.
    9. Subtlety.
    10. There Are No Rules, Except the First 9, This One, Also Those That Follow.
    11. Laugh Enough.
    12. Always Use Rule 6. and Rule 11. in Conjunction.
    13. We Do What We Must, Because We Can.
    14. It is Only Once We Have Lost Everything, That We Are Free To Do Anything, Which is, Nothing.
    15. Yeah.
    16. Be a Man.
    17. Do It Tomorrow.
    18. Never Call Stuie's Dog Meatball [pause] His Sister is Fat.
    19. 11:30pm is Not Bed Time, it's Wake Up Time.
    20. Life is Rough, it's Tough, it's Hard
    21. Stand Up for What You Believe In.
    22. How Can You Defend That Which is Indefensible
    23. Fuck You. (with passion)
    24. It's Better to Cough.
    25. Don't Jump The Gun

    PAGE 15


    Roger & I were sitting in his garden smoking a Happy Pipe (Happy Pipe: Hubbly/Hookah Pipe containing Marijuana) when this little Afrikaans(/Boer) kid came running past with a stick ad shot Roger then laughed and ran away.

    PAGE 16


    Rogers comeback to us calling him an epic fail. WTF? I totally agree ;)

    PAGE 17


    Introducing Duchess Bonginton (aka Sam)

    PAGE 18


    The AMC, its amazingness is only emphasized after the munchies!
    Munchies induced by MRS.CHARLiB

    PAGE 19


    Smoking illegally in public without bein noticed :D


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    PAGE 20

    The THC train, runs through your veins, to your heart thats the leaf and sinks the 8 ball for the winning feeling, transforming your mind into a desert wasteland; as the smoke blows in the breeze...

    PAGE 21

    Happiness is the way! (Michelle)

    PAGE 22

    Stream of Consciousness - Albert Hashensmurf

    PAGE 23

    Roger McBluntin'
    (Ja Die Ouens, Ek Is Fokken Blou! = Yes the boys, I Am Fuckin Blue!)
    Blou is a word we use here to mean high, no idea why blue means high but it just is!

    PAGE 24

    Sensation of a pipe.

    PAGE 25

    In Silence
    You See The Absolute

    PAGE 26

    The Mushroom of Good Will

    PAGE 27

    Cloud 9: Its A Place In Your Mind

    PAGE 28

    Introducing: Achmed Kushsein (Zain)

    PAGE 29

    It doesn't matter, who you are or what you smoke.
    Cause when you're smokin'
    Its NEVER a Joke.

    PAGE 30

    Wow, hallucinogenic weed ftw!
    when we were at the dam staring at monitor lizards, i turned around and saw this 'lil critter sitting next to our Hubbly pipe.

    PAGE 31

    Die (meaning: The) Biza!
    Our friend whilst smoking with us one day, reached out and showed a really small size with his fingers and proceeded to say, "My brain feels like its this big"

    PAGE 32

    I have this psychology lecturer, she is the worst lecturer EVER! she knows nothing about the subject and reads straight out of a book. BORING AS HELL!

    PAGE 33

    Many people have asked me why one of the Beatles has a square head? I am yet to remember why I did this, please let me know if you happen to know.

    PAGE 34

    Talk about high mistakes, Roger was talking about a friend he'd seen the other day chowing a 2 Litre chips

    PAGE 35

    Safyr Bleu - Eye Drops -The stuff that keeps your eyes white after smokin!
    (Waneer Al Die Mense Know: Dis Oogdruppels...Vir Mense Wies Altyd Fokken Blou = When all the people know: Its Eyedrops...for people who are always fuckin blue = Basically: When everone knows: Eyedrops for people who are always fuckin high)

    PAGE 36

    How High Are You? By Her
    Albert Von Hashensmurf

    PAGE 37

    Roger's strategy on robbing a bank

    PAGE 38

    The Genetic Sensor Bullet
    Earl Von Cannabis

    PAGE 39

    Our solar system and their paths of movement
    Earl Von Cannabis

    PAGE 40 & Page 41

    Terry Pratchett, he has Alzheimer's
    He'll Believe anything you say...
    Combined works from Seth & Melissa

    PAGE 42

    Vacant for now - watch this space!

    PAGE 43

    The story of a Unicorn marrying a Whale and their baby the Narwhal (ACTUALLY EXISTS: narwhal - Google Search) lol okay maybe not :p

    PAGE 44

    Vacant for now - watch this space!

    PAGE 45

    the VuBONGzela!
    South African Weed Smoking Engineering at it's Finest!
    if you feel any instructions are unclear please do not hesitate to ask!

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