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  1. I was wondering if you can use something like in your house to grow hydro cuz i cant find anything else... or also... could you grow it with perlite or vermiculite... just outta the bag str8?

    thanks i was just wondering...
  2. you could use anything airy that wicks the nutrient solution. Sand, gravel, pebbles, vermiculite and perlite work fine as well. Why don't u just go online and purchase some shit..

  3. Hey Sohigh, thanks... mainly why I don't order online cuz you have to wait for it and I really don't like waiting for stupid stuff... and oh yeah.... how often do I water it with nutrient solution? cuz normally with soil i water or feed once a week on an alternating scale, one week i give feed, next i water, then feed, then water... and so on.. how should i do it with hydro... the only reason im considering hydro is becuz my plants tend to spend more energy in root than growing!!! they are in a 5 gallon pot right now and if it dont stop growing itz roots i dont know where i am going to find a pot big enuff!
  4. 5 gallon is big enough for soil. If you want to go hydro, you've gotta understand how hydro works, your thinking like a soil grower. You need a pick a system, I would suggest a bubbler. Go here for instructions


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