Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by SourDTM, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. heres some shit i did

  2. dude that is hella tight

    and thats one beefy ass dog lol... it looks ripped
  3. That's dope. You gotta sense of style I havent really sean much of in that form.

    You bomb?
  4. damn thats a huge fucking dog
  5. Nice art.
  6. What breed of dog is that. Sweet art man.
  7. Bomb The System ...

    haha i tag
  8. i wanna get some graffiti style tat's like that....but not saying hydro haha
  9. you did that shit good.

    nice graf man, i like the hemp leaves, but if you wanted to redraw it, maybe outline them in the same weight as the rest of the tag.
  10. I will say a "Ol'Family Red-Nose" Pitt......he is not "Chain Weight" thats for sure...:cool:
    Beauty Pitt man

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