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  1. Wats up my fellow green thumbed ones. Lets take a shot at hydro..... OKay i fertilized da seeds. Put like 10 or 12 of em in a wet wrag. folded up the wrag put it in a plastic baggy, put it somewhere dark and warm and waited a week. I had a big ball of roots just wounded together. I was like...oh welll.....through the whole ball of roots into my hydro system. i got this in a 1/2 shower type deal. The one where you HAVE to take a shower. Not a tub just a shower. And a 60 watt bulb on it right now. i'm about to go change it to 150 watt. I dunno. The 60 seems to be workin i know were supposed to have like Lumens and shit but i'm still an amateur. and i got the system for the dro so i decided to give it a shot. It's not soil it's brown rocks. but Now we have something like 8 sprouts. I was wondering what the sex thing was with hydro. And if i could just tie them all together to let em grow as one. Would that screw my whole crop.?? I dunno. Amateur. Lookin for help. Please assist.
  2. dude, i hate to break it to you, but nothing you have done is going to work. Hydro is one of the hardest methods of growning anything, since on change will effect everything... if your going to do it, you must do it right... i also recomend www.overgrow.com it will give you easy step by step... you willl be able to find all the materials needed at a pet store and a hardware store... have fun...
  3. Damn dude. EVERYTHING i did was wrong. I learn the fertilization technique from high times. I mean the plants are growing. And the system it's growing in IS A hydroponic system. I'm sorry but that web-site don't make any sense. I'm gonna go look at a few others. But if it grows it will by dro right? I mean. it can't grow and regular shwag in the system it's in right? I dunno. I know i gotta along way to go. But i can't seem to take that first step.
  4. Damn dude,ya gotta get better lighting than a 60W.Don`t tie your plants together,they need room to grow and breath.I`m not sure what you mean by a bathtub to grow hydro.Separate those plants before the roots get too tangled together.Get a good hps or mh,and a good nutrient system.Whats the deal with everyone refering you to OG?Aren`t there people here that can help?
  5. dude....

    Do you realize that a plant can get 3-4 foot high and as big around as a shrub in your front yard? as for you Hydro?? system what the heck are you talking about. a bubble bucket or a premade ebb&flow or a system that you devised? what nutes are you using. there is more to hydro then just placeing a seed in a basket and letting it go.
  6. Okay. The system im using is water in the first bucket. With a pump that pumps the water up to this rubber ring where it drips out. The ring is above my rocks. Um i don't really know the nutes. We got this flora shit. Flora grow, flora bloom, and something else. we use them. they came with the system. I knew how to grow just a regualr plant. I can do that shit perfectly. The 10-10-10 rating. Thats what your asking for? Cause i don't know it on my hydro system. Hydro is really kinda Blah to me. I'm just looking for .... help really. The plants haven't really gotten any higher. still little 3 inch sprouts reeally. I need a stronger light. Were gonna do that soon (hafta get the right kinda lamps) and then i'll see where i'm at.
  7. syx

    Bro you need to get your plant some light if they arent doing to well in your hydro system you need to really kick up the light. the more the merrier. Ideally you could have a MH and a HPS with the HPS being twice as many watts. but if thats too expensive for you get a 400 watt grow light from inside sun company they r like 105 bux and will really work well for you. If you keep this system in tight quarters then you will have to vent it because they create alot of heat but it will help you in the long run.

    Peace and grow on friend

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