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Hydro weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GeddupNoise, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. I have heard that hydro weed is worse for you due to the chemicals used in growing, This doesnt make sense to me but i thought i should ask just in case. So is there any fact at all to this? Any answears would be apreciated
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    Hydro has nothing to do with the chemicals used, it refers to the growth medium. You could have non-hydro that is grown with a billion artificial chemicals, or you could have hydro that is grown completely organically. Whether it is hydro or not has absolutely nothing to do with how many chemicals are used.
  3. i know i just heard it was common to use chemicals but ive looked into it and cant find anything about it so i asume its just more fear mongering
  4. hydro(ponics) in general refers to growing of a plant w/ water/moisture alone, w/o actual "soil" (dirt).
    its nothing new, or weed growing specific per-say.

    sorry if your already aware of this..unsure of how much you know on the subject.

    but i'm by no means a pro on hydro, let alone growing thats pretty generalized definition.

    wiki + "hydroponic plant growing"..hell even google + <search param> has some good hits. :)
  5. yeah cheers for the help
  6. Hydroponic growing is cultivating using a soiless medium.
    Fertilizers and nutrients have nothing to do with it, though hydro and soil both need differnt levels of certain nutrients. Though people probably neglect flushing more with hydro, which really sucks, smoking all the nutrient waste bleghh
  7. Ya there are deff 2 types of hydro. Properly flushed and grown and the lazy dealer short on time dro, which from my experience give many people killer headaches. But really, hydro just refers to the growth medium. There's really nothing to worry about. It is just another way to grow - makes for faster growing plants really that's about it. I actually want to try a simple hydro grow on a whick based system next season.

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