hydro vs soil

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  1. Im wondering how many people on here are using a hydroponic grow method
  2. you expect an answer to this lol tons look in the grow journals.
  3. Hydro is easier for the absolute beginner NOW.... It didn't used to be that way though.

    Using a simple bucket with an aquarium pump and an airstone, anyone can use the lucas formula and RO water to grow great smoke from great seeds.

    If you can successfully mix up a gallon of kool-aid or juice from concentrate... you can mix up the Lucas Formula and grow well.

    If you go with dirt... well... there are different mixes in different areas of the world and different nutes and on and on and on and on.
    In contrast I just buy a pint of micro and 2 pints of bloom that you can order anywhere online. (Dirt is expensive to ship around 'cause it's heavy. :( )

    I'd say there are a ton of people using hydro...
  4. I usually add too much sugar. :( I guess hydro is not for me.
  5. you could always try coco peat which is in between a hydro, or soil grow.
  6. LOL I have seen pictures of your ladies.... I'd say you're pretty good at mixing Kool-Aid... Too much sugar your secret then?
  7. This guy is advertising no?

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