hydro vs. soil grown

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by tusa, Feb 6, 2003.

  1. how long would it take to grow plants hydro? and to grow plants in soil? would much dried bud would u get off soil grown weed compared to hydro grown?
  2. HEY man are you American or you just shit like that !!!!

    Canabis is only good if been planted on soil without acids !!!

    Like we have back in SERBIA ... soil with uranium come along
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  3. huh?

    anyways ... i dont think one is better than the other ... u can achieve amazing things with both ... soil i find ... is a lot easier to grow with ... other than that .. there isnt much of a difference ... correct me if im wrong...
  4. i find hydro more simple than soil if you can put a little money and time into it. You can be really cheap with soil and still pull off good bud.
  5. but how much dried bud would i get from hydro compared to soil grown???
  6. o yea and that guy from "Serbia" is fucked
    what the fuck was he talking about n e way lol plus im from canada
  7. You'll always yield more with hydro compared to soil.
  8. I like the soil better, just gives me a better feel. dunno why ;P
  9. IMHO hydro takes 1/2 to 2/3 the amount of time to grow than soil. Yield is doubled to tripled. Effort involved is more and the intial cash outlay is a lot more.
  10. HIGH All, for me the most expencive thing is nutes either it be organic or Hydro. The Hydro costs more because I use Nurtilife"s "A" "B" "C" so theres 60 bucks and I only need Fox farms Grow and BUD 40 bucks.

    The PH pen you would need in both cases. Air pumps arn't too expencive 30 bucks for a two outlet. Fans same thing as the pen.

    Hydro being unforgiving...I don't know...if something goes wrong (over fert. etc.) it's over to a new Bucket and solution, no stress in moving it. Not with soil it's flushing the plant with PHed water and then the chance of overwatering is Always there.

    Soil costs a pretty penny if useing lots of pots. You could flush the soil of your previous grows until All the excess nute buildup is gone, but thats a timely choir.

    I do both soilless and Hydro because of the little seeders we grow and to me Hydro is a much better way to go.

    In no way was I saying (cheaper maybe) one is better, I'm saying what's easier and productive for me.

  11. I read this over twice and am still lost!
  12. HIGH All, let it slid. Different culture, language and so on. It flew over my head...ain't no big deal. Maybe in time we'll learn where he's coming from.
  13. hmmm if i remember right we didn't use any nuclear bombs over there...must be a paint sniffer...
  14. sorry about that..i shouldn't have stooped to that level..and it's not what this forum is for..HMMMM.

  15. When I read this I didn't know if it was a joke or what.Is he saying that soil that's has been bombed grows good bud? hahaha?!??
  16. September 11, was a year and a half ago. Tell Ariss to write a letter to Bill Clinton. If you can find his address! Ok, back to business as usual...
  17. HIGH All, do we really need this here when someone asks a question about hydro vs. soil. I mean I could go around attacking everyone that makes a stupid post or a post we don't know what he's talking about. If a post pisses you O.F.F.F. don't reply, I just don't get it.
  18. Jeeeez! U guys need to read my "A World at War?" Post... there i state that if everyone simply smokes a blunt, bowl, bong, whatever, with each other, there would be world peace. So why don't we try that now? We're all potheads here lets face it, so we might as well band together. The world hates us, parents, cops, government officials, even the ones that were tokers themselvs... we are our only friends.. so lets keep it that way!!! K? :p
  19. The grow forums are for discussing growing. There are other forums for other subjects. Limit your discussions here to growing or I will lock threads up. With more members joining everyday, it gets harder for us mods to keep this place civilized. Please do not start personnel attacks in the grow threads.

  20. Thanks for that statement Poppa,

    I just came in here to do some research, and it takes forever when you have to scroll through the bunk!!

    I'm a 15 year smoker that has a black thumb!

    I am now attempting to set up a grow closet after a 5 year non growing attempt.

    You all wish me luck now ya hear!

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