Hydro vs Soil for newbie

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  1. Howdy folks!

    From all that I've read and all I'm experiencing with my first try (using soil) it appears that my original opinion of 'Hydro is harder than soil' is incorrect. Most problems are from over fert, soil with nutes included, over watering, etc.

    Is my understanding of hydro that these problems never arise unless the grower just plain messes up?

    At first my thoughts were hydro seemed a mess with tubes, pumps, trashcans full of water, etc. Virtually impossible to create a stealth setup with these kinds of items. I just thought hey, for my first attempt I'll stick with soil to make sure I can do it. Now I'm wondering if I hurt myself by making this choice - it almost looks like I should throw everything away and go out and buy hydro equipment because once it's setup it's actually much MUCH easier to grow with.

    Am I right in that assumption? If so, I may just run down to the hydro store and ask the guys to set me up.... and put the soil where it belongs, the back yard.

  2. different strokes for different folks...
    from all my past expeirements i think its equally SIMPLE.
    if you go by "text book" growing,the basic fundamentals are the same.
    theyre to get the same light and nutes .....
    if you wanna set up a stealth hydro grow maybe you should look into some of the set ups people have in set up and design forums..... i once had a bubble bucket set up using the LST method that would push (avg)2.8 oz per plent every 75 days and the area was 1.5'X3'X3'.... 3 plants would fill this area with bud....
    GOOD LUCK ..... HAPPY GROWING ....however you decide to do it:wave:
  3. It really all depends on what is best for you. I love hydro but like you said it is not a stealthy method. Also it all depends on what you want out of your grow. I know some guys that wont even touch hydro. Different taste,smell,high,ect.(depending on the strain)
  4. hey guys. im a hydro grower, and i wanna make a case for how friggin simple it is.

    first myth... its really expensive. i dissagree... you have to buy many diff (insert word) to make a nice rich soil anyway. to do hydro, you have to get a sheet of rockwool cubes (10$/sheet, approx), a few leiters of hydroton(invest 50$ and you'll NEVER run out), a net pot and any fish air pump/stone (bahh nutin) . then you can be creative in how you wanna put the netpots in either a big bucket w/ lots of pots, or a 5-gal for one huge lady :)

    second myth, its really hard. ok, 3 more things you need to get... a tds/pH meter , and your 3part GH nutes. actually, you can use the 3-drop pH test no prob, ive done it. but even still, 50 bucks total if your a good shopper, and <50 for nutes that'll last. so, back to difficulty... all you need is a source of water.

    get a 10-gal tub. fill w/ water and leave in your closet. grab it a day later, put .4 mL pH down / gal to get it pretty close to 6.0 . now add your nutes according to your weekly schedule... something like 4mL Gro - 7mL Micro - 15mL Bloom. make note of the ppm/pH and dump in bucket. all together it becomes a snap after a few times. i do it while getting some quality time with my plant Lunah :)

    the last thing it'd mention, is every hydro grower knows to flush before the final harvest, usually for a good week or two. add a nice cure, and i think you'll find bigger/better buds from hydro.

    ... also, soil sucks cause you dont know what your plants doin day to day. with hydro, i know how much water and nutes she drank in any given period. i know she drinks more water at night, and nutes by the day. and my hands stay clean :) : ) :)
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  6. My dirt farming buddy thinks my dro is the bomb, and he keeps buying from me, when and if I will sell him any.

    You are not going to grow cannabis cup winning pot on your first hydro grow.

    The learning curve is easier because you can get three grows in a year.

    By the third grow you will be very happy. Some even do great on the very first try.

    A journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step. Go for it.

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