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  1. Who likes Hydro growing/smoking,,Who likes Organic growing/smoking,,,,and explain the reasons why or why not,.,.
  2. I love those big bags of bright green BC hydro!
  3. organic soil!if it can grow a tree !if i am luck it can for me!tazz11 ,the rainman
  4. taste is every thing what good is haveing strong weed if it taste like shit!i can taste the ferts and addtives in hydro but i have great taste sences!organic is a fuller taste with earthy side tones and and with good growing the grower can bring them out to meet the taste buds!i hate to say this but i can taste the hoses and the plactics use to grow hydro in the weeds!sorry it just me!i am a feaky stoner!tazz11,the rainman!
  5. dont get me wrong ,i know many that like hydro!and yes it can be strong!but for my med weeds soil is smooth and i am giveing the strong part my up most atention!its not real if one is better ,its like coffiee or tea!if you get the best of booth let me know !but i can say that if its growen fresh it taste great!and picking your own is great too,i think hydro around here may have gotten a bad rap from the young kids trying to sale it to fast with out knowing how to cure it right!good luck with the test ill wait for it to grow!i am await seed!and its for siol and i am going to grow it like my grand dad wished he could of!good luck and keep us posted!tazz11
  6. All are great replies,,,,keep them coming,,,

    for the record ..my view...Organic is truly a better bouqet,aromatic,smoother,,,I have done hydro as well(I'll try anything once or twice,or ...) I prefer organic anyday over hydro,,and yes the taste.....not chemical....Iv'e found faster is not always better........
  7. Organic is the way i grow. I found if you try to make the plants grow to fast you loose some of the taste and potentcy of the plant. My plants take a little longer to grow but they do well for me.
  8. sometimes a quickes nice too!

  9. *LOL*
  10. Hey unoit,

    You are using a BOG mix huh? Yikes! be careful! From the pics I have seen from that guy it promises to be quite nice. Did you get to see the snake he made? That looks scary!!!
  11. witches weed can make you spell bownd!and its soil +,dont use that yellow snow in the hydro tank next time!tazz11
  12. the seabird ferts i got had a lit dust that made me hack for a week!yes a lot of people dont handle the ferts with care and some of the ferts now days are in dust made when its formed!this dust becomes air born with very little movement! take care dudes !i am changeing to a 6-20-20 for that reason and its a better mix!i read about the mix in todd mccormicks book in there it is 5-20-20 but after 7000 sites i found this at vic hannan landscape materials-high! i have high hopes for this and i know why he chose it its a slow starter fert and less chance of over ferting them!and it well built up to the bloming with the tween 20s! good luck tazz11
  13. From experience smoking and not growing atleast down here. I enjoy organic or natural grown in soil vs hydro. For some reason doesn't matter if it's done right or not. I can taste the chemical after taste on hydro. Until I get some in which I don't, I prefer soil and organics.

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