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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by stoneythestoner, Jun 15, 2003.

  1. I am a little confussed between the differance of bush and hydro.
    I also thought that bush was grown outdoors and hydro was grown indoors, but now i have been told it is how you water it and also that you dont spray chemicals on bush weed but you do on hydro.

    can somebody please clear this up for me.
  2. you answered you own Question in the first few sentences. Bush outside Hyro in
  3. uh ... yeah whats bush? hydro is just a way you grow weed = growing without soil. whats bush, a plant thats bushy?
  4. okay where i am in the world, we get 2 different looking weeds. one which is rolled solid and mashmellow like, but a little stiffer(this is what is referred to as hydro)And cuts out really well. The other is sorta looks grindered and feels grinded but is not grinded(this is what is referred to as bush)

    I use to think that this is because hydro is grown indoors underlights and using what ever soild, hydro set up or what ever growing median you can get. I use to think the same abush but it was grown outdoors.

    and what i was trying to find out was is best to grow? and what the diffence between growing in water or growing in soil.
  5. hydro has the same density as soil grown plants indoors nad the same potency (just a general statment i dont want to hear about hydro vs soil debate there close enough) :). What your talking about is shwagg aka shit weed that was most likley an aoudoor grown savita and not cured correctly so its a shitty smoke.
  6. Whoa Whoa outdoor grown Sativas are not shitty just to make that clear! Yes some are but alot arent if grown correctly. Meant no offense by it i just wanted to clear up that not all Sativas are shitty weed plants.

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