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  1. So I am on my first grow and I started out with an aerogarden, transplanted to stealth hydro, now I am in organic Miracle Grow. The soil definitely has helped them (it has poulty crap so the tiny bit of ferts helped Im guessing). My hydro grows failed miserably because of necrosis due to mold the first time, the second time mildew somehow got in the rez within three days again. Its driving me insane....well not anymore it was.

    Anyways right now they are in straight organic miracle grow with no amendments or conditioners. The soil seems to drain pretty well so I was wondering if it is still necessary to add pearlite as an amendment. Also, I plan on mixing in some blood and bone meal along with some kelp into the soil, then transplanting all the plants into that for the rest of the grow. Is it completely necessary to compost the mix for a week before I transplant? Im not worried about smells I can suck it up. I really just want to go to the store right now and make my mix, then transplant them, but I don't want to mess it up. Any advice?

    Would teas work better maybe rather than adding ferts to the soil? just seems harder to burn with them already in the soil as Im nooby that would help.
  2. hey mick just a quick ? on your mold/mildew problem. Did you clean out the rez' & supplies before starting, or was it used from the box/store? Maybe try a hydrogen peroxide solution in the rez, and even run it through the pumps and air stone, this may help the problem.

    good luck
  3. Yessir I tried a hydrogen peroxide 3% dilluted solution for about two days. I did a foliar spray as well, and sprinkled some on the necrosis spots. On most the spots went away after I took them out, but the two weaker younger ones are about to die. They had a big nute dificiency due to lock out. I thought it was the pH for about a month of trial and error with bagseed dying. Now I realize I had a mildew problem causing lock out, me messing with pH probably caused shock in the poor kids and then when I thought they had a nitrogen def. I added a dash of nutes. I ordered a bottle of hygrozyme today its a root enzyme and I'm going to get some voodoo juice which is kind of like a root growth hormone. I transferred the rest to soil today and when I ran my fingers down the tap half the tap came off one with the little roots, but its looking much more chipper today. Grew two new green leaves in the soil. My kush and trainwreck did the same thing.

    sorry man im pretty stoned i rambled a bit
  4. Ive grown out of a stealth hydro bubbleponics system twice.First with ok results and second with great results.So Im curious how mold or mildew even began?Did you run your bubble disk to keep the water oxygenated?Make sure you change the rez every week when they get bigger.I changed every 2 weeks for the first few weeks of veg.Also make sure you dry up any excess water lying around because mold and mildew will spread fairly quickly.As far as your soil and what you are going to add,sounds fine to me,but there is much better soil at an affordable price.I would recomend Foxfarms Happy Frog or Ocean Forest.Contains alot of guano,perlite,earthworm castings,composted forest humus,ect..They even make all organic ferts as well so you wont even have to worry about a compost.Im using both they're nutes and happy frog and they work fine.Hope this helps with your hydro/organic problems man.
  5. I think light might have been getting in the rez..and also there was water spilt under it which I didnt see till I took it out :eek:

    But anyways I ordered some Lowryder #2s a little while ago after I had spent all night looking at LR #2 grows on a bunch of forums. So far Ive witnessed amazing production with compost, pearlite, and Hesi nutes (their expensive but they look like they're worth it) so I think Im gonna try that out.

    Thanks a lot for the heads up man!
  6. o and the only reason I'm not going to use FFOF is because Ive heard stories of it burning young lowryders pretty badly
  7. Im not sure that soil by itself will burn any plant something else must have been wrong
  8. I have switched, this is hilarious, from a stealth hydro, and a later bought ebb and flo (botanicare) to organic soil.

    I had no probs but I am feeling that for greater yeild, I am medical, that I should go with dirt, organic, and conniseur quality weed that I am hoping an all organic grow can give. No one told me how low the yeild is in 5 in rw. And 5 gallon dez buckets are a pain to work with full of water. Lol, i also sick of rubbermaids full of ro laying around.

    Lol, I showed some peeps my weed and they shit how is better than anything they aver saw and before that they were pot snobs, lol. that was just the hydor I flushed for 3 weeks.

    So any way, now I am soil.

    I got this. might interest you.

    fox farm ocean forest, fox farm light warrior, extra perlite and dolomite lime. I added the bags at 1-1 ratio then 2 handfuls of dolomite lime pebbles, and about 3/4 a bag of perlite. It is looking like it might be an airy soil, IDK i might add more perlite. I wan to water a lot, feed a lot.

    For nutes I got a little bogged down in merchandier bull. First I bought the pure blend pro nutes. Then I learned they were not completerly organic. So I thought wtf is 20 more dollars so I got the BIO BIZZ OMRI and european version organic nutes. You have to get at least bloom and grow. They are nice and straight from amsterdam, lol.

    However now that I hvae been reading I have discovered teas and making my own fertilizer. So ow, now I see how easy and clean it is.

    So I got bat guano and worm castings and another product I will tell you about. I plan to make teas to supplement the BIO BIZZ unless I burn them. Or if not I will just use them on house plants. Organics is too cool not to get elbow deep in.

    The other product is for BLUE Mountain Organic. It is a little hippie comunity that I read about on another site. They make a full line of nutes and I was turned on to a product called SUper Plant Tonic. It is organic and is supposed to be the shit and a half for mj plants. It has fungi and humic acid and minerals and so on. They got brewed on dates and the full list of ingreds on the bottle. You can only buy it one ebay,

    I have heard a schedule like this. One watering with teas or ferts and anoter watering :Dwith the super plant tonic. Starting at week 3 with the plant tonic as the soils from FF are already overloaded.

    For seeds, I reas even SOMA uses Rapid Rooters so even though I had good luck with the cup to soil method I will try that. Then just plant them in the grow bags.

    I am doing lr2 next so I will go staright to final 2-3 gallon bag I hear and be done with repotting.

    Then i got some fem ww i gonna mother out. WOw am I loaded.

  9. that is an interesting mix amigo. as i hadnt bought nutes yet i decided to go with Hesi, which isn't organic. I saw two very sucessful grows with Hesi. I bought FFOF so no nutes until bloom. got some 2 gallon grow bags and perlite so I should be set. Also I am running one 125watt veg bulb and 1 200 watt flower bulb.

    by the way, every plant I started with in this grow is either dead or about to die, so this journal is over.

    I call it, "my failed first grow"....

    anyway Ive got 5 femmed lowryder 2's on the way too. It seems everyone does LR#2 for their first grow.
  10. you gotta tell us how did they die? I curious. I just planted a widow cindy seed for kicks in a 1 gallon bag of my mix. Stuck a rr rroter in the middle. Those things are odd. Like rubber:smoke:
  11. Hi Jack, they all died from a disease called necrosis. Necrosis is caused by Plythium Mold which begins under the surface so by the time you realize it its too late and your plant has it. Just keep a fan going at all times and you should be set.
  12. what kind of soil mix is it?
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    My soil mix? It is one bag of fox farms ocean forest, one bag of fox farms light warrior, almost the entire bag, about 3/4 of perlite, 2 handfuls of folomite lime stones (not the flour, which is better). I mixed this in 2 18 gallon rubbermaids, dumping it from one to the other.

    It is a light mix. Almost too much perlite i would say as when I watered alot of perlite floated to the surface.

    I have already got the seed in the rr puck to sprout. A preliminary soak for 2 days in water then straight to the rr puck and bamn the next day i got green. I out a clear platic cup over th e puck which is planted in a one gallon grow bag. I was reading subcool and he advises starting in 1 gallon containers.

    In week three I will add super plant tonic to the watering. At the third node I will feed Bio Bizz.

    Here is whee I am confused. But I will go with the directions. Some peeps use Bio Bizz some just use straight guano. THsoe damn npk number all vary so much I will just trust them, just the same I will trust bio bizz more as it was made for mj but the guanos which I got on hand sure seem appetizing. they are omri cert to, lol. Ah well.

    these are my practice organic seeds I will have to scrap when the lowrider 2 and white widow I ordered get here, I will not have the room

    Man i saw a grow where the guy was using 18 gallon rubbermaids as containers for easch plant and wow. HUGE! 10 ounce trees or whatever. Under 2 1000 hid lights this guy has some buds. Subcool uses 7 gallon contianers. I will prob stick to 2 gallon for lr2 as they suggest with no repot then move to 1 gallon to 3 gallon to 5 gallon for my ww. I want semi big trees there in my 4x4x6 foot tent. LSt all the way.
  14. hell yah, well sounds like you got shit goin good. im doing two gallon as well.

    you might wanna just grow the lowryders first till you get the hang of it. it would suck to make a mistake and both crops feel the pain
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    Jackpot.... BMO's SPT is great stuff. The micro-life in it works wonders in the rootzone. I've been using it since 07. It makes your rootballs explode.
    You're wise to wait until after week 3 to use it, considering you have FF soil. I'd stick with 1/2 strength mixing of SPT, cause it you get too much of it in the rootzone, the micro-life in it - kick into overdrive, bioconvert (eat & shit it out smaller) every last bit of NPK they can get their teeth into.
    The choice to go Organic is a good one, eleven years ago, I quit chem/hydro growing and converted to organic / soil only grows. I've never been tempted to switch back.
    Keep it Real...Organic... cause chemicals are for cleaning your toilet......
  16. haha hell yah I like that, chemicals are for cleaning your toliet.

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