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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by 420manNE, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. i had a quick question but never really thought about it till now.... im going to be growin in a hydroponics setup for 8 pots.... i was wondering if plants can be transplanted from hydroponics to soil, because if so i want to grow them and transplant them outside, leaving room for more ladies.... comments greatly appreciated..
  2. ya can try it but l don,t think ya got much chance.To much of a shock l,d think..
  3. what if you tried slowly adding soilless mix to their hydroponic containers until you eventually replaced them entirely with soil, then transplant into a pot of something with nutrient value... then maybe when they stabilize from that you can put them outside... no idea how well that would work... just a thought?

  4. I think this would get the chemistry of the hydro reservoir all screwed up and stress the plant to die-off. Like critter said its a big stress on the plants going from one media to another type.
  5. Yeah I agree, nevermind what I said... I guess it's just like pulling a bandage off.. do it quickly and hope for the best... I've seen a lot of additives to reduce shock during replanting... basically root horomone I think... that might help.
  6. feed your plants just water for a few days b4 u intend to plant outdoors.
    dig a hole.
    fill with good grow bag soil and perlite.
    make it lite and airy.
    take ur plant still in the net pot and remembering to spread the roots as u plant bury the lot atleast 2 inch over the top of the pot.
    water it.
    put the new net pots in your hydro etc.
    there will be some shock but the plant will recover quite fast.
    do NOT plant out untill the roots are well out of the net pot.
  7. thanx for the replies...... ill let u know how it turns out...

  8. if you feed the plant nutes it wont want to root.
    if you leave the pot exposed its a ideal home for many bugs/spores/fungi.
    if you put the rootball into a pot with holes then the roots have to find the holes to escape the pot. if the roots are allready outside the net pot which they should be then this isnt a problem.

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