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    Hoping someone can help with the mess I'm in.
    Total newb second grow in hydro (and ever) thought I had learned from the first grow but clearly not ...

    Some details

    I have 5 plants all OGKush autoflowers .3 pots 2 with 2 plants all into the same res.
    Ph its kept at 5.8
    Using tap water ec about 180 than bring ec up to 400-500 with cal mag.
    Using GH flora trio was using about quarter the recommended dose for each stage of growth which brought ec up to about 1000 to 1100.
    Add hydroguard and than some great white
    Water temp was about 15degrees c but than it got real cold and water after refill was between 11 and 13 degrees. I got an aquarium heater trying to bring the water temp up going to aim for about 16 -19 degree range.
    Hydro sort of rdwc ( long story had recirculating between a res outside tent and grow res but the water was getting too cold outside the tent so re-plummed now just draws from and pumps around the res in the tent mainly just for the water flow from the waterfall taps) the tote is 115l total with about 80l when water is 10mm from the bottom of net pots.
    Tent itself has extraor fan and oscillating fans and 3 passive air intakes , with a heater also keeping temp in the low 20s degree c range.
    For good measure I added some Co2 to the tent with tmb naturals (but I know I am mostly wasting my money with it )
    I have 3 air stones in the res coming from 2 separate aquarium air pumps outside the tent.

    On my last grow I got root rot and fought the whole grow.
    Like a muppet I used same air stone as last time and introduced rot root to this grow and now am battling that too with frequent res changes and hydroguard using big doses about 100ml in 80l and than topping up through the week.

    Things were looking OK but in the last few days the stems look to be dying and the new growth looks totally nute burned and yellow sickly.

    Is this just from the rot root are am I doing something wrong.

    am thinking water temps too cold and maybe nute deficiency somewhere maybe just cause of root rot but I'm totally clueless and if there's not a pic on Google ( which there isnt as far as i can see)then I'm lost

    Any help would be great thanks anyone/everyone

    Screenshot_20230311_135652_Gallery.jpg 20230311_131649.jpg 20230311_131737.jpg

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  2. Some more pics if it helps
    20230226_000805.jpg 20230226_000449.jpg 20230309_215523.jpg 20230309_215427.jpg 20230311_131708.jpg 20230311_131703.jpg
  3. Hey man, I dont know shit about hydro, I wish I could help you. I was interested to see what you r using to measure ec?
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    Thanks man I appreciate even some positive energy..:)

    Using this meter does ph ,ec and ppm got it last grow think it was about $30-40 on amazon 20230311_160643.jpg
  5. 20230311_160834.jpg 20230311_160914.jpg 20230311_160907.jpg 20230311_160825.jpg 20230311_160839.jpg 20230311_160849.jpg Rot pics were old heres some taken today . About a week ago I started to get a burst of new growth on the roots after cleaning with h2o2 and than next day bumping up the dose of hydroguard so I removed the worst effected roots which were really just balls of slim 20230311_160834.jpg
  6. Why hydro? Someone just starting out would have much better luck with soil or pro mix/coco. I built a hydro system long before I started growing...just to see. I grew some tomatoes, then I promptly shit canned the whole thing after seeing what a tremendous pain in the nuts it was. I now happily grow in pro mix hp using maxibloom, super cheap, good results. Best of luck to you.
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  7. fungal infection(Pythium) on the stems, time to check your fans, a good spray of neem will help,
    measure it correctly won't leave a taste
  8. i thought the roots were supposed to be under water not just touching the water
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    Ya , agree I'm not sure what I was thinking. Total newb and somehow thought that hydro would be "easier" ( totally clueless) I seem to remember having some idea like "great i wont have to water them" ill just have a million other things to worry about... :) . Now I'm down a road and to stubborn to turn around
  10. Sorry ya they are normally just had them lifted to take pics .The bottom of the net pot is normally around 10mm from the top of the water
  11. Thanks for reply and help. Again remember your talking to someone with literally no experience.

    Neem , what is it ?

    By check fans , do you mean increased air flow like turn the oscillating fans up a setting or have extractor on constant and remove co2( at the min extractors come on 15 to 30 mins a hour more when the lights are off) ?

    Just so I know how to spot how did you diagnosis fungal infection what is the give away ?
  12. ok cool i think you can save them maybe start a few seeds in case
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  13. check the link: Avoid 3 Main Types of Cannabis Mold | Grow Weed Easy

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  14. Friend, if you did not know about Grow weed easy, the site linked by Vee, it is one of the best place to start. Read all the pages, it is very friendly and thrust worthy.

    Your plants are still small and fragile. I hope they can be saved. If you still can, do an other shot of H202 treatment.
    If you see any small flies around or in you plants, those are most likely fungus gnats, and are a source of propagation of fungal diseases. You would have to get rid of them.
    Raising temps will help, it will also lower humidity. The higher the temps in the same room is, the lower humidity gets, that is basic science.
    Fungus thrive in high humidity, but diminish to stop in dry conditions. In vegetation, temps should be in the 23 - 30°C range. Lower than 15, plants cannot absorb nutrients efficiently, Mg and K being the firsts affected. Then, stunted and underfed fed plants become more prone to be attacked by fungus or bacterial disease.
    Maybe, a 600w hps light would be just perfect, raising up the temperature to the point you have to keep the extractor on at all time. This would also improve air circulation, and lower humidity by warming the tent and bringing more fresh air in.
    My first runs were in coco-perlite. When I switched to soil, I noticed how humidity got significantly lower with no other actions. Growing in soil (organic) became a revelation: nothing to measure, very low maintenance and considerably cheaper.
    Hope it helps
  15. If I may, I once treated an outdoor plant with diluted bleach spray. I sprayed the plant a couple of time and plant took it just like rain. I found the place where the recipe come from, if you are willing to try (just make sure to not let any come in contact with roots or go in your tank).
    bleach spray - Tomatoville® Gardening Forums

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