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  1. Alright so here we go. I am a first time grower, I have been reading up on growing for a few years now but legal problems got in the way of me starting my garden until now. So first off...

    I ordered Diesel Ryder seeds from cannabis-seeds-bank.co.uk and Early Queen from Drchronic.com. I wanted to be sure I got some seeds hence the split ordering. I received both orders, intact, within 7 days of ordering.

    I am currently using a converted closet to grow in. I set up a wall in the closet so I could still use it for clothes on one side. The grow space is 5 ft x 1.5 ft (pics below). I am borrowing a 400w HID light from my friend until his plants are done with his 1000w at the end of the week. Then I am buying that. I installed a 70cfm exhust fan and have 3 small clip fans in the room.

    I purchased 2 Rainforest 36 systems from General Hydroponics. (http://www.wormsway.com/detail.asp?sku=RF200) I origianlly tried to get them through DiscountHydro but they dicked me around for two weeks. I finally did some research and realized there is a big garden place pretty close. I have been using Worms Way since.

    I am also doing two soil plants (one of each so I can get the real taste)

    I am using Gen Hydro Flora Series Nutes and Foxfarm nutes for the soil.

    I started gemination of 7 of each seed on 8/26/08. On the 29th I was able to transplant all the Diesel Ryder into "Rapid Rooter" soil pods and started the lights on 18/6 schedule on 8/30/08.

    As of today one of the Early Queen have begun germinating and another has a small crack (maybe a root tomorrow?)

    I'm going to try to stay current with this journal and provide pictures as often as possible. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts, tips, or suggestions that any of you more experienced growers may have.

    Looking forward to a great first harvest!

    J in MA

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  2. how far away is your light? make sure they dont stretch on you. so many reasons for that but the main ones are theyll break and the nodes will be to far away from each other that the bud will be less.
  3. the 400w is about 3 ft from the top of the pots.. too far? im just concerned with it getting too hot in there b/c it is such a tight space. the temp stays around 80 when no fans or the exhaust is running but goes up to 88 when i turn them all on. I did just put an A/C in my room so that should cool it down a bit. Are they too stretched you think? they have only been in the hydro / soil since 9/1.
  4. I c where boy was going with that comment... Look like they're streching a bit, try 2 feet...? Its been in the set up 2 days...?? If the pic was take exactly 2 days AFTER they where put in there, Id say lack of light...

    How did you germ them ? If you started them somewhere else, might have been there in which the answer would be again... lighting deficiancy

    Is your light HPS or MH?? If your running the HPS to veg, you might be in need of some more lighting... get some Daylight in there!!...

  5. First off MJ and OG thank you so much for the help and advise so quickly... makes me feel very welcome.

    I should have mentioned that the tallest plants are only 2 inches... I showed the same pics to my friend who has grow lowryder 2 and he said they were streching too until I told him how small they still were.

    Regardless... I used the paper towel method with a plates on top and bottom to keep moisture in. once they all sprouted I put them into rapid rooter soil pods

    I am using a 400w MH right now on 18/6.

    Let me know what you think.

    thanks again... J
  6. Just put two of the early queen into the soil pods. I should have taken a picture first but it looks like on one of the seeds the root is growing inside the shell but not poking out. Is this normal or is it impacted of something? The seed is split open about 45 degrees.

    8 weeks to harvest!:D

  7. So the kid that was supposed to be selling me his 1000w HID decided he wanted to keep using it. He told me for screwing me over he would let me use the 400w for free. So thats good news i suppose. I went out and got 4 24" florescent lights 75w output but only uses 17w of power. Color temp.=7800K CRI=11. Will they be any good?

    Nothing seems to be going on with the Early Queen. I am going to score the seeds tomorrow to try to get them to break through the shell. They have been in paper towels for almost a week and a half and only two have really broken through.

    The Diesel Ryder's are still about two inches but the leaves are starting to get bigger and there is a second set growing. Check out the pictures.

    I appreciate all the suggestions and help I can get.

    Peace and Respect.

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