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Hydro Shrooms

Discussion in 'General' started by ridronthestrm1, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. So i ask this guy at work if he can hook me up with some painkillers 2 days ago. He comes to me later and was like no but i got something waaay better. Hydroponicly home grown shrooms. Took a road trip like a hour and a half away to Tampa and bought a eighth for 25 and split it with the guy that hooked me up.

    All i can say is wow. That was the most intense night of my entire life. I felt like i was being shot out of a cannon over and over again.

    But in a good way.
  2. LOL, cool you had a good time, but I would never drive an hour and a half away to get boomers. Guaranteed there is somone in your area with some...
  3. Ive never heard of hydro-shrooms.. they were probably regular shrooms that someone waxed you on.

    water is mushrooms best friend, but also worst enemy too.
  4. I don't get the concept of hydro-shrooms at all.
  5. Yeah, i didnt want to say its impossible but it seems like a scam to me.
  6. but can you imagine what it WOULD be like? like a huge ass shroom cake, shootin up mushies all over the place, that would be tits even tho i fucking hate boomers.
  7. Yeah - umm, I'm 99% sure hydroponic shrooms don't exist. If they did though - that would be ridiculous.
  8. Dude, I don't think that is real...

    Also, 1/16th of mushies... pfft. Shoulda ate a 1/4.
  9. what is it about people here suggesting people eat 1/4 of mushies.. that is the stupidest thing ive ever seen.. especially for someone who believes they just bought hydroponic mushies.

    Ive been tripping for years and still havent eaten 1/4.. most ive done is 5g
  10. Fuck off neg repping me for this, you God damn pussy. I know atleast five people who've eaten a 1/4 and they've all loved it and have never eatne less than a 1/4 after that.

    Personaly I've only eaten an 1/8th, but a 1/16th just doesn't capture the magic of mushrooms.

    Flaming is not cool here, dude. Consider this a warning. --Hempress
  11. ill neg rep you again as soon as I spread some more love.

    pyschedelics arent like weed.. reccommending a very strong dose is just irresponsible.. plenty of people trip of 1/16th of mushies.. that is a very universal starting dose.
  12. Go ahead and neg rep me all you want dude, as long as it makes you happy.

    I don't know where you live, but a 1/16th is not a universal first dose. An 1/8th is.

    Wait I take it back, I know two girls that took a 1/16th for their first time.
  13. I've eaten up to 10g all without any real negative effect, but with some amazing results.

    And hydro shrooms? wtf, they mostly grow in dung, or some kind of other medium the mycelium can grow in, couldn't be done in water.
  14. thats great for you.. but u didnt eat 10g as ur first dose.. im sure u started around an 8th.

    It might be able to be done in water.. the water would have to be cold and constantly moving though.. it could be possible... i was actually thinking about it a couple weeks ago.. itd be very hard to do.. but could be possible.
  15. yo man if theyre good boomers you should only need about a half 8th to have a decent trip.....i got some boomers one time i ate 2 grams and had the most intense shroom trip ive ever had....since then ihavent eatin any less then an 8th but those 2 grams were INSANE
  16. Its not about where I live, ive been dabbing with mycology for 3 years now, and know what im talking about.

    id say 1/2 8th is most common starter dose.. then maybe a 1/8th.. thats still retarded for you to suggest he eats a 1/4.. especially since u admitted uve never eaten a 1/4.

    and dont worry.. i already reported u for flamming.
  17. Usually start out around 4g with most shrooms.

    I think with water the chance of contamination by some kind of bacteria or something would be too high, I just don't see how you would be able to keep it sterile.
  18. KingPins... Care to PM me with some info on shrooms? Grow boxes and techniques... all that jazz ;) Thanks bro.
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