Hydro Shopping List- In Progress

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by weedfortheworld, May 21, 2010.

  1. So this is my first grow and I have been studying up on what i think i will need and how i should be doing it. i ve got a pretty good idea on the setup but just wanted some experianced input on the specifices. i was planning on using a water culture hydroponic setup with the rubbermaid container but im not sure what size to use. i wanted to grow some strain of auto-flowering lowryder because from what i was reading and my schedule it seemed the easiest. because i wont be able to be there every day to check like probably once a week. but def more if i hear thats not enough.

    and thats kinda the reason i chose hydro was because i can only conveinantlycheck on it on the weekends and it seemed easier but im not 100 percent but it sounded logical to me

    i chose to use a 90w ufo led for the electricity efficency and the reduced heat. i only got one but the square foot coverage info seems to be diffrent depending on who you ask but the paper it came with said 20 meters squared but that seems like alot to me. should i get another i dont plan on growing many plants just enough for myself. i was thinkin maybe like 4-6 .

    im not sure at all what nutrients to use. thats been a real stumper. if i use an auto flower do i feed it veg nutrients for the first few weeks then go to bloom and flowering after i sex them or ... well really im not positve what to do at all

    well thanks for any help you can give and my bad for so many questions just wanna get it as right as possible the first time cause im pretty tired of smoking dirt and for a pretty penny too well yup thanks again everybody and spread the smoke


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