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  1. can anyone suggest a good but cheap set up I can order to Vancouver mayber a dwc or rcdwc something still good
  2. Black 5 gallon bubblier buckets or go buy some dark colored totes .
    You will need a fish tank bubblier .
    Personally I rather use 20 or 30 gallon totes
  3. that's what I got now a tote and 3 5 gl buckets
    how often u Cheng yo tote waternuts how much air u put through it
  4. every ten days
    I have to top off twice in those ten days .
    I prefer to use thirty gallon totes . that way I can adjust the amount of water I put in as the plants get bigger but still making sure the tote is refilled twice in ten days .

    I have to flush when going into budding …...or the plant will sodium lock up
  5. I have a rdwc setup with a chiller, water pump, air pump , stones and netpot for 2 or 4 plants with a shared resovior for sale. I also have a full set of gh flora nutrients. I'm located in vancouver bc. Thanks

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