Hydro seedling!?!?

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  1. What's up GC I just started germinating several bag seeds that my buddy gave to me to try and root! My question is when /if they root how do I go along planting them in my medium? I am using a hydro set up and not soil! Do I still plant the seedling in soil and just wash it off when I wanna replant it in my medium? Thanks in advance for info anyone might wanna share!
  2. Grow it into a mother plant in soil then take clones off it to flower.

  3. But that requires two rooms and a whole new set up right?
  4. Well yeah. I guess you could just rinse the roots really good if you just wanna do one space, but I'd go ahead and move it while it's young so you don't end up w/ dirt in your res when you move it to hydro.
  5. You can start seeds in hydro. Just germinate, then put them in rockwool cubes.

  6. I got a 4 inch net pot with some pea gravel as my medium how do I plant my seedling in my medium right away?

  7. Must like some rock wool plugs? I don't wanna deal with rockwool issues just stay with pea gravel!
  8. You need to use something, rockwool cubes/grodan cubes, there are also a bunch of different 'plugs' or whatever.

    Then you put that inside your net pot of hydroton etc (never looked into pea gravel)

  9. Where can I get rockwool plugs

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