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  1. What are those rock looking tings in pots for a hydro setup called? Do you sprout your seeds in them or transplant them? thanks alot
  2. The hydro rock thingies are called hydrorocks/growrocks/hydrostones..

    I germ seeds in a rockwool cube, and then once theyve grown out a little place the entire cube into a netpot with hydrostones
  3. Speaking of those rock thingies. Can you please tell me if anyone knows of a retail store in the U.S.(NWPA,OH)area that sells rockwool cubes. I have looked everywhere for them and can't find them anywhere. Places like but not limited to(lol)
    Wal-mart,k-mart,lowes,builders square, I went to all of the above and they don't have them. HELP!!
    just checking to see if i got this file att. thing down, so ignore this att. as anything of relevance to the thread. You can dream if you live in the northern hemisphere like me.
  4. LOL......sounds like my wife...lol

    Nurseries,hydro stores,or online


  5. Not really knowing where any thing is above the Mason-Dixon line, all I can give you is this:

    Cropking.com Inc. store location in Seville, OH
    Garden Indoors of Columbus, OH, in Columbus Ohio
    Harvest Moon, North Lima OH
    Garden Indoorsof Philly, Bristol PA
    Harvest Moon Hydroponics, Allentown PA


    Hands on Hydroponics, Kenton, OH
    Indoor Garden Pickerington, OH

    Hope this helps, if you want the address or phone # of a specific one just post back which one and I will reply.

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