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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by howhigh, Mar 31, 2004.

  1. alright so i'm fairly new to the whole thing, and my friend bought an 1/8 and he was like, look at all the seeds it had, and i was like yeah ok, and my other friend was like, you dumbass, hydro doesnt have any seeds, thats not hydro

    so my question is... does hydro have seeds? i think my friend is wrong, cuz it would have to have seeds wouldnt it?
  2. hey bud

    Hydro is just a method of growing MJ with the Roots in Water .. and yes it is still Same MJ just different technique of growing .. it has seeeds .. plz slap that friend of urs for me =p

  3. Yeah around here the locals will freak out if kind bud has seeds. They think that no type of kind bud has any seeds. Generally speaking great qualitity smoke doesn't have seeds because it's sinsemilla (sp) which means "no seeds". And you basically get sinsemilla by cloning and growing only female plants........ And even if you are trying to grow seedless pot, a female can turn hermaphrodite on your ass and pollinate the whole bunch.
  4. thank god! i thought i was going crazy! i was like there is NO way it cant have seeds!!! alright sweet, i was right, hooray... the funny thing is, is that my old girlfriend backed him up, and was like yeah, hydro doesnt have seeds, i cant believe anyone would think that, and acted like she knew everything, so i totally caught her ass!

    haha thank you so much for the help. peace out

  5. haha wow thats exactly what i would have done in that situitation (sp?) :D slap that stupid ho :D
  6. Maybe they ment that anyone growing hydro would have the sense to only grow females. I could just about bet money that the "Hydro" you got is probly just commercial shit, seeds greatly depriciate the value of the bud thus making a hydroponic grow not worth the hassle and extra care and knowledge required.
  7. yeah that shit that he bought sucked anyway, it had around 15 seeds in it, but hey, i didnt buy it, haha. but thanks again for the help... i cant wait to call my old girlfriend later on and be like yeah, youre totally wrong and dont know what youre talking about at all - itll be great

  8. so so true.. i check my plants 3 times a night :D praying to god i dont see a hermie branch.. id shit myslef if i got seedy hydro bud... it would be like a slap in the face of my current nearly 3 month prodject
  9. hahaha i just told my old girlfriend that she is wrong, and she got really stubborn, and blocked me on aol... haha shes so immature and stupid, pity pity

  10. so the answer is no, it shudnt have seeds.

    or looking at it another way, hydro is ment to mean good indoor grown bud grown hydroponicly and the bud you got given wasnt that by the sound of it.

    allthough your ex and her friend are wrong so are you, but your more wrong than they are so i wouldnt feel so smug m8.
  11. damn... well they said that it did have seeds, or at least it can have seeds, so thats why i was so smug
  12. hydro or not, its probably not very good bud if its got seeds.
  13. usually if it is grown hydroponics, people around here call it hydro, dont ask me why they think it is chronic(good ass bud) it just makes the bud more potent
  14. it can do, so much depends on other factors like whats grown, lighting, what nutes, is the guy growing it a retard?
    iv smoked "hydro" grown by other people that wasnt flushed or cured propaly and it tasted like crap, gave me a headacke aswell. the best stuff iv ever smoked was grown in soil in a greenhouse.

    hydro is just used as another trendy buzz word, dont really mean shit in real life. iv lost count of the amount of times ive been offerd sensi thats got seeds in it.
  15. Ya guys while were on the subject of Hydro!
    Ive been lookin around at hydro kits, flood&drain to Dutch pots etc...
    I get the main idea that the plant is in an artificial medium purely to keep the plant standing up and a nutrient solution is given in a few different ways, but the idea is to give the plants as much water,oxygen and nutrients as it can take right?
    Ive seen DIY bubbler buckets on another site, its just a light tight bucket with a cover on the top and a hole cut in the top of it.The plant sits in a net bowl thing filled with an artificial medium and fits in the hole in the top.the bucket has 2 air-lines in it connected to an air pump and the idea,seemingly, is to get the solution to periodically splash against the underside of the net pot, Thats it i think!
    Would the idea work? Is it easier than soil growing? Does any1 have any experience with this sorta stuff?
    Any help will be Appreciated!
  16. thats it in a nutshell. it does give much better results than dirt but the plant is much more sentive to ph and ec levels as the roots have no buffer at all.

    if you just fancy the idea of giving hydro a try then think about nft. it gives nearly as good results, still a lot better than soil but its a lot more stable than dwc

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