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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by lambofgodbc, Jun 28, 2003.

  1. hey i found this site that sells hydro systems and i was wondering if anybody could tell if its a good deal.its called Power Grower-Terra Cotta.comes with reservoir,growing chamber,base,pumping column,drip ring,grommet,drain level tube,air pump,GroRox and 3 part Florakit,its $54.98.
    is this a good deal?if i do buy it what else will i need?
    the website is www.genhydro.com/powergrower.html
    let me know what you guys think of it,thanks
  2. HIGH All, for 55 bucks sounds good. A PH pen would be good if doing Hydro...look into Bubble Buckets way better, cheaper unless you have a height problem.
  3. Dont grow hydro if its your first grow! Use soil. it will be so much easier and you have way less chance of killing your plants. do one or two soil grows then step up to hydro.

    When you completed your first soil grow then pick a system and make the change to hydro. But i will tell you now, hydro takes alot more time out of your day then soil. You have to top off the resevoir , check the tds and add nutes, check the ph and add ph up ph down depending, adn oncea week or so change the water. When you mess up with hydro you can tell.

    Heres instructions to build your own hydro system for way less, dont forget its 54.98 for the item, shiping it is $30+

    Here is guides and instructions to build a bubbler system

    This is an areo setup wich is one of the highest yeilding but more complex and expensive.
  4. HIGH All, so after one soil grow he'll be more experienced....I been doing Hydro over 20 yrs and find it just as easy if not easier than soil.

    I top my Bubble Buckets up once and the PH is good till the next solution change. Most soil growers use PH and TDS pens to test the strenth and PH of the solution..I know I did. I've seen so many fuckups with soil...like the pests that come with it. If you make your solution to strong in Hydro and you start to see the tell tale sign of fert burn...you change the solution. Soil you would have to flush the plant good...which could do more harm than good (overwatering) or transplanting into new soil and All the mess that goes with it.

    That's what I've learned....of coarse they're are some pretty elaborate systems out there which will cost you an arm and leg. That's why the Bubble Buckets are perfect...cheap...easy.
  5. 20 years.

    Props Unoit.

    Big time.


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