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  1. I have only ever used a soil medium so if this is a dumb question sorry.... where is a good site to check out ppm/TDS meters, should I make sure I have one before i start a hydro grow, and what about pre mixed solution can u get away with not having a meter for a short time?? Let me rephrase: I would like to start a hydro grow and I just got a HPS light so Im a liytle short on wool to pick up a TDS so should I wait till I have everything (i.e the tds meter) before I even make the buckets, so basically could I get away with not having one for a time, Or should I just do another soil grow and keep picking up the pieces a lil at a time??? thanks... Peace ....
  2. The lucas formula works pretty well, I've read of people using it without a TDS meter, which is fine as long as you replace the solution once every 7 days or so. Rumpleforeskin uses it with great results, I'm starting my first hydro grow using it.
    Lucas formula link:: http://www.reefermanseeds.com/forums/showthread.php?p=70398

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