(HYDRO QUESTION)The Final Flush strawberry. does it work?

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    (HYDRO)hey got a huge question about this shit i got called the final flush strawberry flavor, to give my plants a berryish taste to them(taking the earth nutes taste out) looks harmless just double checking. im pretty sure someone has used this give me feed back because if this shit does hurt my bud im gunna break down lol
  2. What happened to the days of people just loving the taste of the marijuana as it is. I mean, if you're growing dank bud, and you're drying/curing properly (important) then I love the taste of MJ just the way it is.

    With that said, if it's made for growing with MJ, I'm sure it won't hurt anything. But, from what I've read, all of the things put into your plants to make them taste better is just a bunch of BS anyway. Most say they didn't notice any difference, and some say that they did. But, in my opinion, it's just the old placebo effect.

    But, like I said, if it's made for growing in plants, then it won't "hurt" them, I'm just not sure it will actually do anything.
  3. no its legit it removes the salts from the plant which is great its just flavored lol but yea i love the taste of bud, but im selling to stores and it counts lol so let me get a little more feedback.
  4. Hmm... well let me know how it works. I know that most people that try to add flavors to their bud don't actually use products made to do it. I've read of people using lemon juice, and vanilla extract, and all that stuff, and all it did was either, nothing, or just caused them problems.

    Good luck, and let us know!
  5. You're selling to "stores"? Do you mean dispensaries? If you think you are going to do that, you are going to need to step your game up and produce some buds that don't need some masked flavor or aroma. You should get good aroma and taste from your buds naturally. what are you going to do, tell them it's strawberry cough and think you'll get more from it? Or let me guess, you're gonna come up with some crazy made up chronic/berry name. You need to figure out why you're buds aren't up to "par".
  6. ive used final flush but not the strawberry kind. the reg final flush works great though. good luck, tell us how it turns.
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    thanks smokey. haha everywhere you go theirs some lame ass makin comments.. i just wanted to try it out on my plants but apparently im masking my bud cuz it taste like shit.
    (not to good of a camera lol besides one of the pics)
  8. Nice lookin buds, I'll give you that. But why would you want to cover up the natural smell and taste? Just doesn't make sense to me. It's like those frikkin flavored cigs, what's the point? You smoke it to enjoy the high right, not get some fruity ass flavors.
  9. ya im not tryin to over do it just trying to give a little hint. your right im just experimenting i guess.. but ya im not tryin to have my bud taste like pure fruityness.
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    Man every one is just hating on this guy for no reason. Hes not trying to cover up the natural smell and taste, hes just adding to the flavor. Do you really think that after he uses it his weed will lose all of its natural smell and taste and just smell and taste like strawberries? form what I see all that it can do is add a little bit of strawberry flavor and maby add to the smell also, or it could do nothing but help flush his plants. I think its a cool idea and he should try it out:hello:. You could even just use it on one plant to see if you like it or not.
    and for the record some people like a hint of fruity "ass" flavors in there buds.
  11. yah dude who doesn't love strains like blueberry, grape ape, strawberry cough, lemon haze, and mango kush.
  12. if it works, let us know. hell make a sticky out of it, step by step. I am dying for an easy way to get fruityness....
  13. ya ill def. let you know. cant wait
  14. so far ive been def. getting a stonger smell from my room its not berryish but its def. getting a stronger oder. so far, happy with the results
  15. so my final out come using this is def. shit i will be using for awhile! def. worth buying. cheap 2.....
  16. Sorry bout the bump.
    But thanks for the advice. BTW...just thought y'all might want to know something I'm findin' funny as hell!
    The Grotek Strawberry Final Flush is actually just strawberry SCENTED, not flavored. :D:D:D:eek::eek::eek:

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