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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by staticx0547, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. ok my buddy has grown it before and he said all i really need besides the lighting is the hydro cube and it basiclly takes care of its self is this true

    and my fucking grandma found where i was growing under the stairs she came over and opened the door and my lights were on and shit and she tore it down cause it suposibly a waste of electricit and she threw away my plants so i go to start all over again

    i need help........ i need another place to put my shit
  2. 1) you shouldnt grow in grandmas house, cause she'd be the one to get in trouble.

    2)whats a hydrocube
  3. its not growing in grandamas its at my house and she threw the shit out like a dumb ass

    but the hydro cubes are some kinda shit u can get out of an greenhouse and shit
  4. your grandma threw all your shit out of your house? wtf...

    anyway, is this hydrocube some sort of hydroponic resevoir with growing medium, like a waterfarm module? explain what it looks like, or better yet find a picture on the web..:)

  5. no, wotever this hydrocube is im quite sure u gotta lookafter it

    u shudnt diss ur granny like that, she's just tryin to look out for u. thats wot grannys do.

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