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  1. :cool:HYDRO - First time growing new strain= Purple Diesel x Purple Erkel.

    From Seed.
    General Hydroponics: Flora Duo two teaspoons A, one teaspoon B (full strength is 3:1 for veg.)
    600W MH (new bulb) 28 inches above plants.

    The plants have been in DWC for about a week. I just moved to new place and found out the water was well. After I added nutes the ppm was 1500 and the EC 2.4, which was way to high for babies, so I switched them to R.O. water two days ago. After adding the nutes the ppm is now 940 and the EC 1.2

    The growth seems pretty vigorous, but I noticed a slight drooping of fan leaves as well as a slight purple/redish tint to the stems where they join the fan leaves.

    #1. Just the strain. With so much purple in the genetics, its bound to show.
    #2. R.O. water has reduced the amount of calc/mag and the Flora duo does not contain enough of either to make up for the R.O.
    #3. Plants were stressed out by the original well water and even though the water is changed they are just now showing signs of that stress.

    Another note is that the same conditions existed for 2 OG Kush in the DWC unit. Neither show any signs of drooping or purple/reddish stem color.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Here are some pics.
  2. Reddish stems is a genetic trait of many strains. It should only be considered to be a possible deficiency symptom when there are other symptoms present. On top of that, your reddening is incredibly mild.

    All-over plant drooping is frequently caused by humid heat and/or overwatering. When worse toward the bottom of the plants, it's usually overwatering. When worse toward the tops, it's often from heat.
  3. Thanks for the input Jellyman.

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