hydro problems please help!!

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  1. Ok, here's my set up ... 4 ice cream clones in a 10 gallon top feed, 400w hps. Using age old bloom 1/2oz per gallon which makes the ph of my distilled water go up. I just put them in 12/12 last week and everything was fine until three days ago... now ONE of the plants is all sad and droopy looking and the root masses for all the plants look brown but they're not slimy and there's no algae in my res so im hoping that's just from my brown nutes. I checked the ph of my run off and it was pretty high, like around 8-9 so I literally just changed the water before this post, this time using some vinegar to get me back to a little below neutral. So now that I have shared the background.... is it possible the high ph was my problem or could it be something else? The bulk of the roots are submerged so i dont think theyre thirsty? but I have an air stone in there so the water stays o2'ed .... I don't want to lose them. Any advice is deeply appreciated.
  2. Oh, humidity is around 40% during the day up to 50 at night... I have two closet dehumidifiers and temps are mid 70s to low 80s with the lights on and a fan circulating
  3. Bump so I don't get buried
  4. Get a ph pen....the dropper thing is a waste

    Take a pic of the roots
  5. Im actually using paper test kit from chem lab at school
  6. even worse....

    where is the pic

    [ame=http://www.amazon.com/Milwaukee-Instruments-pH-Pen-PH600/dp/B001DTQJ8O]Amazon.com: Milwaukee Instruments pH Pen, PH600: Kitchen & Dining[/ame]
  7. So the high ph is what most likely caused it then?
  8. could be overwatering...
  9. never over watered much in hydro. as long as the roots got air.
    anyhow. seems as if one plant, considering all three were given the same water/nute base, one strain wasn't too happy at that high of potential hydro. so she let you know. listen to her, help her. and she will thrive.

    fix the pH. don't mess with the roots to much. promoting algae by checking for it is counterproductive.

    yes, a pH pen. or even GH pH drops work better than a strip.
    a TDS stick would serve you well as well as well as well.... yes i did just say 'well' 5 times.
    hopes this helps.
    stay up :smoke::smoke::smoke:
  10. Ok, I fixed the ph ... hopefully she bounces back

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