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  1. I'm very new to hydro, and I've noticed some stress marks on my babies. I think its an over fert problem, but I wanted to run it by you guys first. There isn't any yellowing on the leaf tips like most over fert probs..

    First picture, plant on right. Notice the brown smudge on the leaf.

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  2. second one, plant closest, it looks terrible.

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  3. and its not a ph problem, its at 5.6. Plants in netpots are currently sitting in resoirvoir, and I am using hydro nutes.
  4. Don't drown them. As soon as you see roots, get them out of the water and let the roots dangle in the solution. You also need to lightproof your solution or the light will cause algae to grow and it will screw your root system up.

    As far as the marks go,, hard to tell. Sometimes the first leaves look bad but the rest of the leafs come out fine. Keep and eye and post back on their continued development.
  5. Just a question, maybe a solution. Could that have happened when Pouring your solution a splash or drop got on the leaves. Wouldn't this cause small spots on only some leaves and not others?

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