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  1. so i've got a 3 bubble bucket system set up and i am running the foxfarm nutrient schedule exactly how it says and it says i should be running about 1300 ppm. my ppm meter is only showning about 650 even after i just add everything. so my question is if i am following everything that the schedule is saying and running near 0 ppm water, so how come i am not reaching the recommended ppm levels and how can i change that?
  2. is your PPM meter calibrated?

    try a control sample in a cup, see if you can get it to read up to 1300 PPM

    are u sure your putting in the right quantities?

    1300 PPM seems high to me. i dont ever go over 950 on my grows and i STILL can nute burn stuff (take the reccomended PPMs with a grain of salt. they want you to use more product, so they can sell more ;) ) heh

    anyway, if your plants are happy, go with that mix, evry strain likes it a little different FYI, feel free to play around, or not. as long as your not getting any negative effects your good to go
  3. sound advice from the mord man. your plants decide your ppm. not ff or you. they'll tell you just the way they like it, just like a good girl should!
  4. ive always had low ppm readings using organics in hydroponic situations it takes a lot extra, even to get 1000 ppms...stuff like earth juice and fox farm is pretty safe so wouldnt worry about pumping up the ppm by using more than what the lables recomend...but that can get expensive
    maybe you could add some homemade worm casting/bat guano tea to add a bit to the overall ppm
  5. thanks mord. the advice is much appreciated and yes i'm sure i'm using the right quantities. but as far as calibration is concerned. i use a handheld ppm and ph meter. like i said before i have a three bucket system with pump running constantly while the lights are on to ensure a good nutrient and ph mix.


    1) so if i test in the resevoir bucket, the readings should hold true for the growing buckets as well right?

    2) What do all yall think about these kind of ph/tds/ppm/temp meters? http://www.virtualvillage.com/Items/001490-023?

    3) and when calibrating a ph meter, is it absolutely necessary to calibrate to 2 solutions (say for example a 4.01 and a 7)?

    Thanks everyone.
  6. i wanna order this shit tomorrow. please help.

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