Hydro Ph and Soil Ph, What is Hydro?

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  1. This is in regards to what Hydroponics is in terms of what the pH should be so that nutrients are most available to the plant.

    When growing in rockwool (Hydro) the pH should be at 5.8.
    In soil it should be 6.5

    The question is, if you have something such as a hempy bucket and there is "soil" (humus and organic matter) topdressed or in the mix itself some say it is not hydro anymore, but as it relates to pH, does it matter?

    Does having some soil in your hydro set up change the availablity of nutrients? Like now its "half hydro half soil" so should it be at 6.1? Your thoughts blades..
  2. good question, id guess id run it a lil higher than hydro and a lil lower than soil and see how it did, 6.3 6.1 some like you said. BUMP aswell cos i wanna see what everyone else thinks too, cos coco is "hydro" yet soil like, and if ammended there would be differences for sure. i wonder if stuff like the organic matter can prolly actually make a diff in the needed ph
  3. Yea, and I dont want a bunch of hydro snobs beings like "If theres ANY soil its NOT hydro" I just want a scientific explanation of how nutrients are the most available in what medium and WHY. If the medium is changed does the ph availablity change..?
  4. Yea most say 6-6.3..i think the reason is perlite is more neutral than other mediums so it doesn't fluctuate as much
  5. So it does change depending on the medium and ratios? I suppose I'm asking what the pH should be if I have a 75 to 25 percent ratio of perlite to vermiculite and I topdress with alfalfa meal or worm castings for example to make sure the most amount of nutrients available IS available. Its still "hydro" so the pH "should" be 5.8. Though it has organic matter and the roots not only absorb the water from the hydro set up but also the moisture from the fertilizer and organic matter as well.

    Do you blades see what I am getting at?

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