hydro nutrients: regular vs organic

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by .HiGhGuY., Sep 18, 2007.

  1. i need people that have actually used both to reply. i'm thinking about trying all organic nutes for my next grow 2 4oow mh/hps lights (or 1 400w 1 600w) co2, hydro. I'm trying to decide if i'm gonna use dutch master nutes or organic, if i do organic i was thinking about the fox farm hydro nutes, unless anyone can recomend a better brand of organic nutes.

    what i really need to know is. will using one or the other affect how much you get at harvest time?

    will using organic nutes, give me a better taste at the end of the grow? right now, using normal nutes, i've tried general hydroponics and advanced nutrients and both times, the plants have grown nicely but have that "home grown" taste.

    i heard with organic nutes you run a much higher ppm is that true? if so, does it make it more expensive having to buy more nutes all the time?

    are organic nutes 100% completely water soluble because i plan on setting up a grow using just a ultrasonic fogger.

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