Hydro Nutrients... How to?

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  1. Im a first-timer with Hydroponics growing, im an experienced user of Pot/Soil (2 years) now i will uy 4 of these; Yaroots X-Tank 16 Pots MAXI » Hydro Systems » Hydroponics » Hydroponics Grow Shop - Indoor gardening hydroponic systems and plant growing equipment
    Is this big enough to grow big plants in?

    I've been reading manuals/books/faqs for a really long time now, but there is one thing i dont understand at all!

    If i buy this; BAC - Hydro nutrient - Grow - dampkring.nl
    is that "all in one" for what i need to add into the water as long as the PH is right in the grow period? Or do i have to add something extra to the water?

    Sorry for my bad English, have a nice day :)
  2. Ya looks big enough..lol! Tho you could make one yourself for half that price with the tank and everything!
  3. Man, what you gotta look at is how much roots you can have. You can probably make something that's almost exactly like that out or 5 gallon buckets and a few pumps and some hose which will let you grow bigger plants. You can also get 6.5 and 7 gallon buckets for HUGE ones.

    Check out this one:


    And imagine linking 6 or 8 together to look sorta like the bottom pic of the 3 on this page:

    Probably cost alot less, and maybe work just as well or better.
  4. Work better since its custom made. I would make a recirculating DWC " pots + main water tank " !
  5. Bubble buckets my friend. Im about to go hydro for the first time too (harvesting my first outdoor plant next weekend), and i just got done ordering everything needed to make some simple but efficient bubble buckets. Sounds like the best choice to me, but then again, i haven't tried it yet.
  6. I only grow in soil. I find theres a better quality bud at the end and a lot of ways to work with your plant to get more out of it. I'm always 1g/1w ;)

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