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Would you buy and use pre-made hydro fluids with the nutes already in it

  1. Yes, great idea Poppa

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  2. No, won't ever work

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  1. Answer this question if you are a hydro grower or have an opinion on hydro nutes.

    When you grow hydro now you have to have a good water source and a few bottles of nutes lying around. You fill your reservoir up with water and then carefully measure out your nutes to add.

    But would it be easier instead if you could just buy pre-made reservoir water with all the nutes in it? I mean, if the hydro shop or on-line hydro shop sold gallon jugs of good clean water that already had the nutes in it, pre-measure to a specific recipe with generally accepted hydro nutes, would you buy it? You could have different types of pre-made nute water for the diferent phases of your grow.

    Is this a viable idea that hydro growers be interested in? Or is everyone set in their ways to just buy their nutes and take the tim to measure them out yourself. Would this be a way of making hydro growing easier so more noobs get into it?

    What do you think?
  2. lt might work for small grows but what do ya do for flushing if ya water supply is no good ?l use about 100 lte[25 gallons]in my system and about 80 lte to flush.Plus l,ve never really had any trouble adding nutes to water
  3. i think its a gr8 idea...but id be worried that the quality of the water had diminished....and apparently i cant add my A and B together bcoz they produce calcium when combined so how would you get around this aspect of it??

  4. It all depends on the type of nutes you use and how long a shelf life the final product has. But you can always wait until an order has been placed before mixing up the nute mix and then shipping it out.

    I think the people who would be interested in this would be small time growers with just a one or two bucket system for personal use and noobs trying out a hydro system, not larger scale growers.
  5. i agree
    maybe if its uneconomical to buy big pots of nutes for a small tank
    then that would be viable but for a decent tank id mix my own every time

    god i must have been stoned i just saw the previous date :eek:
  6. personally i premix my nutes and water so that i can check the pH before i put it in the system, just my way... But my point is at the local indoor grow shop they have premixed resevoir water (5gal, 10gal) and it would suprise me if you couldn't find similar products either near you or on the net (dunno didn't look) just thought you'd wanna know
  7. not sure about the nutrients used for hydro....but some nutrients change when placed in water for a long time.
  8. Not so sure people would buy due to the reason that critter gave. People would need a grip of water. My res holds 40 gal. (a whole lot of metric shit) and I replace the water weekly. The weight of that alone would be enough to keep manufacturers and investors away, bcuz to transport that to retailers would cost too much. Smaller systems like bubble buckets might be the proper market for that sort of invention. Sell it online such that the consumer pays shipping that way the water source can just be a spring near the manufacturer. Good idea...original thought is a blessing.

  9. you must of been to find this old thread......

    very good point piney........chikkybabe is right about the A and B nutes mine are the same.....besides all that differnt strains like differnt stregths of nutes so its a no no for me....i vote NO...

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