hydro nutes for soil grow?

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  1. hi there, just wondering i have some B'cuzz Premium Plant Powder hydro nutes, the N.P.K. on it is, 9-7-17, and i have no money, so please dont just say go buy new nutes, i would if i could, but i am flat broke, im not trying to have the best plants or anything here juts like 1 plant personal grow, and i have a soiless mix soil, so no nutes in it at all, so has anyone ever heard of or used hydro nutes for a soil grow?:D thanks for any advice in advance...
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    that is fine buddy it just never the other way around IE soil nutes for hydro is a no no BUT hydro nutes for soil....ya man all day long

    all though it seem like a lot of potassium but it cant hurt seeing it helps in the building of protein, photosynthesis, fruit quality and reduction of diseases.
  3. :Dok thanks for the help man.

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