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  1. I have a question about Hydro Morphs, I bought 10 off a guy for 40 bucks and they are 100mg capsuls. I was wondering what hydro morphs can do to you. He said the 100mg capsuls are like smoking a 1 gram joint and lasts for about 4-5 hours. Is this true?
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    i dont even know what to say

    edit: go to drugs.com, use the pill identifier and check on what kind of pills you have then post back here.
  3. well, ive never taken them before, and everywhere i look the highest dosage ive seen was like 24mgs at once... so i dont know, if you could tell me if thats WAY too much for a beginner to take or what, it'd be appreciated
  4. like i said, go to drugs.com or google pill identifier and then post back here.
  5. I went to drugs.com and it couldn't identify what it was... I seen the guy take it out of a prescription bottle and he was on the phone with another guy later and asked me if i wanted to make my money back by selling 5 to a guy for 40 in my area
  6. well what do they look like? shape size color what imprints or numbers are on them?
    the reason i ask is hydromorphone does not come in 100 mg pills. that dose wo uld kill you.
  7. small white capsul shaped capsuls, with the imprint apo 100 on them
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    You got ripped the hell off. You would be talking about hydromorphone if anything, and they only come in 2,4,8mg IR and up to 32mg XR.

    Don't buy pills if you DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE. Seriously, you just got ripped the fuck off because you thought you were buying something that you know nothing about.


    If it doesn't look like these or have their imprints, then it's not hydromorphone.
  9. well FUCK. Thank god I said I would look into them first to see what they would do, now i know not to take them. Me and my fiance were going to, but thank you, you probably saved our lives
  10. Just make sure that you NEVER buy a pill unless you know what it is. Could have saved yourself $40 and your time.

    If you are ever thinking of buying uncommon pills, make sure you get one of the full color guides they have at CVS for $10.
  11. thanks, i shoulda asked the guy to see the fucking prescription bottle... I'm not even worried about the money in all honesty, thanks for telling me though.
  12. sounds like got you srtraline or minocycline, both capsules have those letters and numbers on them, but from what i saw neither of them were white.
  13. Oh man..imagine if you HAD a 100mg hydromorphone for only 40 bucks!! Man the profit margin would be huge!:smoke::smoke:

    so did you find out WHAT they were? Most the times that this has happened to me, theyll be something similar but weak, or like one time i went to buy 10mgs percks, and then get back look em up and find out they are 5mgs.:(:(

  14. $40 for fucking acne medication, wtf man, i aint ever calling that guy again
  15. you should call him and tell him you want your fuckin money back
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    the guy was close to 3 times my age and alot bigger than me, fuck i'm stupid, just glad me and my fiance didn't take any, I might go over to my buddies house later today and ask his step dad about them, maybe their THC pills? I've seen his THC pills before and they are similar. If their nothing, well fuck it... waste of $39 technically. I thought it was a little odd that he'd sell 15 dollar pills for less than $5 each
  17. HAHAHA. fucking newbs. it doesn't take a genius to figure out, ask questions first buy pills later.
  18. ^Like you've never made a mistake in your whole life. Lol, shut the fuck up scrub.
  19. Could be neurontin, I've seen generic 100s that have APO on them

    Edit: White capsules?
  20. tell that guy he needs to getout of the business and spread some bat lovin

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