hydro medium ?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by stinkbud, Mar 11, 2003.

  1. what up guys
    here it is I used to grow with a mix of perlite and vermiculite well now they dont sell verm around here for health reasons something about the dust it creates well any way would i be able to use just perlite also Im starting some afgahni skunk in peat pellets if ya havent seen them there about the size of a silver dollar except about 2 inches thick would I be able to transplant them right into the perlite to go hydro with them after 2 or 3 weeks thanks

    dude why do you have clothes in your closet
  2. never mix soil with hydo,use rockwool starter cubes instead or rinse the soil from the seedlings with warm tap water and put in hydro..hope this helps.
  3. what do ya think about the straight perlite as a medium no stores around here sell rockwool really dont want to order anything like that over the internet allready had to order a 400 hps sunsystem
  4. all the stores around town quit selling it?! try either rockwool or cocofibre.
  5. cant get rockwool in any stores around here has anyone used straight perlite for dwc
  6. Never used just prelite, and I recommend not using "peat" anything, the acidity is high and can burn or even kill your seedling.
  7. lava rocks work pretty well too, just make sure your crush them up a little if there to big.... and rinse them VERY VERY well.
  8. What about using florist's foam instead of rockwool? i've read about it on OG and they say it's even more inert than the rockwool. They sell these 2" discs about 1 1/2" deep at the store in town for like 79 cents. I was thinking that to start clones in and transfer to DWC with perlite as medium. would that work? How about makin little pockets outta window screen and stufing em with smaller perlite pieces and using those as starter cubes?

    I'm gonna be dealing with the same issue soon,,,
  9. I like the screen and perlite idea I thing I might give that one a try
  10. Pantyhose and perlite perhaps? Easier to work with than screen.
  11. even better

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